BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster review, powerful portable vacuum

We have been hands-on with this BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster for a few days now and this is our review, although this BLACK & DECKER is designed to make your life much easier when vacuuming all thanks to being completely wireless.


The picture above goes to show how well this product has been thought-out, we personally think the box has a clean look and shows pictures of what this product is capable of doing, giving the buyer a sneak peak before purchasing.


The BLACK & DECKER comes with very tight packaging making sure everything is kept in factory form, meaning no scratches, with this vacuum being wrapped up in a plastic wallet you know for sure this is not going to be damaged.


The Unboxing – Once you have taken everything out of its plastic wallet you will find a variety of different items, this is a great chance for you to check everything you need has been packed and ready for you to use, we did just that.

With a quick round up, inside you will find the BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster vacuum, a charging stand, spare bolts with screws and an instruction manual on how to operate this product. We were very impressed with the way the manufacture has neatly placed everything inside for such a small box, especially considering the massive boxes we’ve been sent in the past containing a tiny product inside.


First Look – The image above and below shows how stream line the BLACK & DECKER looks. This vacuum has very little colour but a lot of detail, you will find out later in the review, we was quick to notice there was a brush folded under the product making it easy for you to clean all types of flooring one for the carpet and one for the hard flooring.


We found this very useful in different parts of the house and is extremely easy to manoeuvre and especially in small places.


Power Button – You’ll find the power button neatly placed on the slick designed handle, above the power button you will notice graphics placed in a semi circle that are to tell you how much power your device has before needing a charge. If this vacuum needs a charge the battery logo, in the middle of the semi circle, will appear green.

Impressive Suction – To gain TWICE the power simply double tap the power button, making the suction dramatically improved, as such we didn’t have any problems picking up various dirt, crumbs, and even bigger items that left us feeling impressed when compared to other cordless vacuums we’ve recently tested!


We didn’t have an issue picking up heavier items just for the fun of it, which included an Apple iPod touch, a small external hard drive, remote controls, and more.


As you can see from the rear view of the BLACK & DECKER in the pictures above and below, the design is plain with a big blue button staring you straight in the face. This button basically realises the dirt container, once pressed downwards the container will pop off to the left hand-side giving you access to empty the Dustbuster.


At this point of the review, we really could not believe how light the BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster really was. It’s worth pointing this fact out, especially when you consider cordless vacuums need to be light and not all products we’ve tested are good enough in this area.


Once you’ve pressed the blue button you will notice that it is very easy to empty all dirt from the container, we found this part of the BLACK & DECKER very useful because it cuts out all of the worry about dropping what you have just picked up and is very easy to transport from the vacuum to the bin.


If you are doing the quick once over then this dirt container is great. However, if you are vacuuming that little bit extra you will start to notice this container gets very full easily, meaning you will have to take more than one trip to the bin.


The wireless BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster also comes with a charging station, which allows you to charge the vacuum when not in use, so you know you’ll always have power. This docking station’s kept to a very minimal design and is extremely light.


When you have finished vacuuming you will then need to place the Dustbuster back on charge, by doing this place the BLACK & DECKER onto the hook provided and slot into place the vacuum, plug the charging adaptor head into the wall and your item will begin to charge. It really is that simple!


We were very impressed with the BLACK & DECKER Li-Ion Dustbuster throughout our hands-on time, although every product isn’t perfect and we did find an issue. When extending the arm of the vacuum to clean the stairs we noticed that there was no possible way of getting the brush onto the end, it simply was no help, never the less if you are in need to clean a hard floor this is extremely helpful causing you to bend down less, making your life that little bit easier.


With this quick and easy way of re-charging your wireless vacuum you will have no problem worrying about tripping over any wires.

Main Features

  • Bag-free cyclonic action for better suction
  • Lightweight cordless technology for quick clean up
  • Floor Sensor – settings are automatically adjusted according to floor type
  • Battery Sensor – LED lights communicate the state of charge
  • Filter Sensor – know when the filter needs cleaning

Final Thought – Overall we found this vacuum is very good and allows you to manoeuvre in small places, we also like the idea that everything you need is compacted into one without the hassle of wires and is easy to charge when not in use.

The main disadvantage of this product is the fact that you cannot extend the vacuum arm and use the brush at the same time. Some buyers also maybe looking for a quieter vacuum cleaner, while not the loudest it isn’t quiet, for just under £50 on Amazon (at the time of posting) we think this is a good price point considering all the features and ease-of-use.


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