Belkin Clip-Fit Armband review – Fits for iPhone 7 if not using camera

Belkin have given us several items to review, and to which we are very thankful. However, we would just like to say we are always truthful and if there is an issue we will point it out. The latest product we got to review was the Clip-Fit Armband for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. You will notice in our title that we say it fits the iPhone 7, or more so the phone fits into the armband. However, there is a slight issue, and that is the camera is slightly obscuredmeaning you are unable to take images while you are out for a run. We thought we would mention that to you in case you were thinking of buying this accessory for Apple’s latest smartphone, seeing as though there is no Clip-Fit Armband for the new model just yet.


People that workout know just how much of a pain it can be to carry your phone with you while you go for a run or even go to the gym, because they either have to put their phones in their pocket or keep it on the side while doing some reps. This is where the Belkin Clip-Fit Armband comes in, as it allows you to simply click your phone in place, or unclip when you need to get to it so you can change your music, make or answer a call, or even study your exercise app.


There are already several other armbands by Belkin, although this does look to be the more versatile one, although not ideal if you go for a run while it’s raining outside, as the phone is not completely enclosed. Belkin does have other choices, but we are more interested in the Clip-Fit version today.


The packaging is pretty much what you would expect from Belkin, and that is high quality with decent images that help to explain just what you are getting. The flap lid is kept in place with hidden magnets, and once opened you can slide out the vacuum formed inner casing that holds the iPhone 6/6s sports accessory. Inside the box it the case and strap, along with a card that offers simple instructions in picture form.


What’s very interesting about this armband is that it’s made up of two parts, and that’s the iPhone case, and the armband itself, meaning you do not have to spend time trying to remove it from your arm when in a rush to do so. All it takes is for you to simply unclip it. The case itself is a mix of shockproof polycarbonate and rubber which surrounds the outer edge of the case, some of the rear and also the inner edge, as to not cause any damage to the phone when taking in and out. Not only that, this also adds extra grip to keep the phone in place so that it does not move at all while working out.


Placing the strap around the arm was a bit of a challenge at first, although when you do it once you will realise how simple it is, and how foolish you were for even getting it wrong in the first place. We did drop the phone once while in the case, and it does offer you a decent amount of protection, although do not try to drop it for the sake of it, as it only offers minimal protection. We do like how the Clip-Fit Armband is not too bulky, although we do miss not having any screen protection, and so if you want this, you will need to go for one of the other armbands like we said earlier. Thankfully, we also have a new glass cover to review later this week, and so this will be staying on the new iPhone 7 to offer increased protection.


When we first saw this armband on the website, we were a little concerned about the phone falling out, or the Velcro faster comping undone, but the moment it was placed on the arm, we knew those doubts were no longer an issue. Like we said above, clipping the phone in place is very simple, and it does not move once secured. While running we did not notice any movement at all, although it took another attempt just to adjust the strap so that it felt comfortable.


The benefit of not being totally covered means you are able to easily get to the buttons and the screen, so you can take your runfie and then share it to your social channels. However, just remember, you can only make use of the camera when the iPhone 6 and 6s is in there, and not the iPhone 7. Having said that, you can still take a selfie, as the front-facing camera is not obstructed whatsoever.


There’s not really much more we can say about the Belkin Clip-Fit Armband, as it’s a simple accessory that only has the one use, and that is to make your workouts that much easier. The price for this is £34.99 direct from Belkin, which some of you might find expensive, but then we are not forcing you to buy it.


    Main features:

  • Air Protect phone case
  • Adjustable strap with secure-clip attachment
  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Full screen, buttons, and ports access
  • Hand-washable

Overall impressions – While it does lack screen protection, and could also benefit from a belt-clip that is compatible with this case, we did love how easy it was to clip on and off, and also have easy access to the screen and buttons. It’s also very comfortable and you will be surprised at how quickly you actually forget you have it on while running. Ok, so there are cheaper out there, but we do find it hard to believe they will offer the same ease of use, and also slim design – although we could be wrong.


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