New Barbie Loungewear and Ladies Nightwear at Primark

Primark have launched a new Barbie clothing collection and we spotted some of the items in-store this week. They include Barbie The Movie Kenough Snuddies and Slippers, Zip-Up Hoodies, Baseball Caps and other nightwear and loungewear.

Ladies Barbie Loungewear Primark
New Ladies Barbie Loungewear at Primark

Above, you can see the women’s Barbie The Movie Velour Zip-Up Hoodie and Bottoms setup on a manikin, which we spotted in the Westwood Cross store this week. Also, there’s a few other outfits that include a cosy and beautiful Barbie snuddie for £19. In the background, you can just about see the Unisex Barbie Kenough Snuddie that allows you to lounge in true Ken style with a tie-dye snuddie! This is priced slightly more at £24.

Barbie Women's Nightwear and Loungewear
Barbie Nightwear and Loungewear for Women Seen at Primark Westwood Cross

The new Barbie collection is quite large and includes many different types of nightwear and loungewear, as you can see in the photo we took above. From makeup bags to hot water bottles, socks, slides, pyjama sets, joggers and more.

I Am Kenough Barbie Slippers Primark
I Am Kenough Barbie Slippers spotted at Primark

Those of you who have watched the new Barbie movie will know the phrase, “Kenough”. So, it’s not surprising to spot some clothing and accessories with this slogan printed on, like the slippers and Snuddie above. We spotted slippers, a baseball cap and loungewear with this slogan on. Stock will vary by location, although the new Barbie collection can be seen online at Primark.