Ballistic iPhone 7 Jewel Ice Series case review for increased protection

There are those of you that want a clear case for your new iPhone 7, which is there to add the smallest of protection, with a main focus of still being able to see its sleek design, such as the Crystal C1. However, if you still want to see your new phone, but wish to protect your new handset a great deal more, then you may wish to consider the Ballistic iPhone 7 Jewel Ice Series case.


This Ballistic Jewel Ice Series is not your usual clear case, as it it heavier and thicker than some of the other clear cases on the market. However, what’s surprising is that it does not feel too heavy once you have put it over your iPhone 7. That’s another thing as well, because this has to be one of the easiest cases we have ever had to put on a phone, as it popped on with no persuasion whatsoever. Do not let that worry you wither, because once it is on it’s a nice tight fit.


Ballistic says this is their thinnest design yet, although still offers a great deal of protection, which is mostly in part to the raised lips and corners, which are painted as Ballistic Corners. The thing with so many cases is that they have the same amount of protection all around, although most times when a phone drops on the floor it’s the corners that get the most damage. It’s for this very reason why Ballistic has extra protection on the corners of their case lineup.


We’re told that the Jewel Ice Series can withstand drops up to 6 feet, and while we do not wish to risk this on our phone we have seen several YouTube videos to back up this claim. We have however dropped our phone by accident from a much smaller height, and no damage was caused to the phone, and it landed screen side down, and so we have to give thanks to the lip around the edge that sits higher than the display itself.


You might notice on the rear of the case that there are two cutouts, one to show off the Apple logo, and the other for the camera. You will see that the cutout for the rear-facing camera is on the larger side and this is for good reason, as this case is compatible with the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6. The position of the camera is slightly to the right and higher, and this is one of the reasons why most iPhone 7 owners are now having to upgrade their casewhich is a bit of a pain because of the added expense, so we do have to say thanks to Ballistic for thinking about the user.


The cutouts on the base are also made to fit all three of those handsets as well, and what’s more is that we are told the material is made so that it does not go yellow over time. It’s as though Ballistic has designed this case to last, which is a good thing for the user, but not so good for the case maker because they will not need to be replaced as often – although this is great PR for the company.



  • Fantastic grip making this a non-slip case
  • Great protective lip
  • Also fits the iPhone 6 and 6s
  • Clear design to show of the design of the handset
  • Will withstand a 6 foot drop

  • Some people will find the corners a bit big
  • Even though the case does provide a good amount of grip, the downside is that it does attract lint

Our conclusion – We really do love this case, and is actually being used right now as our everyday case. Ok, so it might be bulkier than some of the other cases we have reviewed, but then it does offer more protection, and we are able to look at that sexy matte black finish of the iPhone 7. In terms of price, you will pay $29.99 in the US direct from Ballistic.


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