ASDA’s New Range of Disney Villain Mugs and Glasses

If you love the dark side of Disney, you’ll love the new range of Mugs and Glasses that ASDA has launched this week in their George home department. They include characters from popular Disney movies, as you can see in the photos we took in-store this week. Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

Disney Villain New Mugs at ASDA

We spotted both glasses and mugs with each of the Disney villains, as seen with the glasses in the lower part of the photo for £1.50 and mugs are £4 each. The prints are similar on both, so you could either get a matching set, or all of them and they make perfect gifts for Christmas.

ASDA have being impressing shoppers once again with their new Disney home range, which is available both in-store and online, although the latter can see stock of popular items go fast. Other Disney villain products in the new collection include Disney Ursula Sea Witch duvet cover sets, throws, cushions, towels and also clothing.

There’s also other villains from Disney, like Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jars, plates, coasters, bowls and mugs. Stock will vary by store and the closer you get to Halloween and Christmas, these items from the new range will likely be harder to find.

We spotted the above new Disney range at the ASDA Broadstairs store in Kent.