Easyjet app not working

Easyjet offers budget flights from the UK to major destinations across Europe. It is an airline which is now dependent on a smooth service by millions of travellers using the Easyjet website and the app on mobile for iOS and Android.

On occasion though, you may see the Easyjet app or website not working due to a DNS outage that can take their whole system down. When this happens, it means that the Easyjet app check-in status is down and this is the page where you can report your Easyjet problems to us.

Is Easyjet not working for you on Thursday May 30, 2024 for both on the website and app? Tell us what platform you are using and how long you have been having issues for. Look out for updates from PR editors when there is an nationwide Easyjet outage today and we’ll try to get you the information you are after asap.