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Xbox One voice control first impression

The Xbox One voice control system looked pretty good in demo videos that were featured by Microsoft before the console launched, but now we have been hands-on with the Xbox One voice commands for a few days and seen what it’s like in a real world setting. It might seem like a novelty at first, but there are some really useful commands for Xbox One’s built-in voice control and it all starts with stating “Xbox On”.

We have spent a few hours each day using Xbox One since its release date and there’s nothing like inviting a friend or family over, then walking into our cinema room saying the words “Xbox On”. It never fails to impress, and we get a feeling this will always be our chosen way to turn on the next-generation games console by Microsoft. Now we just need our projector to allow the same command to beat hunting around in the dark for the remote control.

This is more of a first impression with Xbox One voice control and the list of commands we featured a couple of days ago, although you can find some more in-depth videos on YouTube like what we featured below this article.

It is true that PS4 features voice control as well, but we doubt it will be used like the Xbox One’s setup considering the system is sold cheaper without a camera in the box. The first thing we noticed about the Kinect camera is the nice long cable it comes with, but with our cinema room we needed around a 30 ft cable and this obviously doesn’t come in the box. The problem we have, and a number of others seen by these comments, is there’s no Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable available to purchase right now. If Microsoft fails to deliver one, you can count on a 3rd party offering a cable at some point in the near future.

Controlling your Xbox One with voice – on a daily basis so far, voice control has mostly been about telling the Xbox One to turn on or telling it “Xbox Turn Off”, followed by a “Yes” command. We have also used the in-game controls for a few other games, but mainly FIFA 14 that we found pretty useful to shout out voice commands to teammates. This allowed us to quickly tell the team to move forward, move back or put pressure on the ball. There’s a lot more possible with voice in FIFA 14, but like most of the commands, they take time to learn and master.

While voice on Xbox One seems like a novelty at first, it isn’t and will be very useful if you take the time to learn the list of default commands and also the in-game custom voice controls for each game. The voice recognition is impressive and we have not had any problems with being understood, but you can waste a lot of time shouting the wrong commands if you don’t take time to learn them first.

If you’ve had enough of using the voice system, just say “stop listening” or let the side panel disappear after a short while.

Certain tasks much faster by voice and camera – In many cases it might be quicker to just press a button, but there are some things like using codes that are quicker to state “Xbox Use A Code” and then hold up the QR Code to the camera. This is much faster than browsing to the right menu and entering all the characters in manually. This is one example of how the combination of voice and a camera can speed up different tasks, so again it is well worth getting used to what works best for you.

Take a look at the voice commands here, watch the videos below, and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on Xbox One voice control. It will be interesting to see how many of us are using it in 6 months time, although we expect certain games will take advantage of the fact that every Xbox One owner has a Kinect sensor ready, if the lead is long enough for their setup.

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