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Xbox One UK release date preparation

If you pre-ordered the Xbox One in the UK, then you will know the release date is this week and that fact means you will need to get prepared for the launch. The retailer you ordered the next-gen console from might have contacted you already, and this will be due to you choosing some Xbox One UK launch titles, accessories or just about getting everything picked to save big queues on the release date.

One of the Product Reviews team ordered an Xbox One with GAME UK, so with the release date being November 22nd they have been contacted by the store a number of times about getting ready for launch. GAME offer a service to save time on launch day, which basically means you pop in a couple of days before release.

GAME will allow you to choose the Xbox One games you want and pay for everything a couple of days before the launch, so then you just head to store on the release date and pickup your already prepared bag with everything inside. This will save the gamer a lot of time at launch and also stop delays at the checkout, although you can count on a lot of people leaving it to last minute and still creating a rush on the big day this Friday.

It is also worth noting that GAME has been booking pre-launch time slots for each customer, so to again stop things getting too busy during the Xbox One UK release week. We visited one UK GAME store and things looked extremely busy, which makes you see that no matter how organized stores are this month it will be one of the busiest times for these stores with it being very difficult to stop queues.

Another factor some people might not have taken into account is the availability of Xbox One games in the UK. The stores said you needed to pre-order titles to save disappointment if stock runs out, so it will be interesting to see if any games are sold out on the Xbox One release date.

We will keep our readers updated on the stock of games in the UK and how the launch week sales turn out for both PS4 and Xbox One, so keep connected to Product Reviews via our social channels. This will include any updates related to console problems, although all we have heard so far is in relation to the PS4 blinking red light.

How are you getting ready for the Xbox One UK launch this week? Have you planned a launch party for Friday night?

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