Xbox One 1080p, 60FPS games in 2014 doubtful

If you are an Xbox One owner who is a disappointed about the resolution of certain titles already released, we have some information for you which may not lighten your mood further. One insider has suggested that the possibility of more 1080p, 60FPS Xbox One games in 2014 will not be coming anytime soon.

You may not realize, but there are only three ‘big‘ games on Xbox One that can boast having the full HD resolution and 60FPS gameplay. These are FIFA 14, NBA 2K14 and Forza Motorsport – most of the other titles are either 1080p but 30FPS, or 720p with 60FPS.

It’s not an outcome that many Xbox fans had expected to see for a supposed next-generation console, and it looks like developers may not be able to improve on the statistics for some time.

Pete Dodd, an industry insider has revealed some interesting details on Twitter recently, boldly saying that 1080p 60FPS games on Xbox One will not be coming anytime soon.

His reasons for this when questioned, revolve around the Xbox One console apparently not being fast or powerful enough, although he does say that Microsoft has ‘plenty of room’ to store 1080p textures.

Interesting words indeed, but is there an element of truth to them? We all know that Call of Duty Ghosts was the big one, with gamers finding out that the Xbox One version would only run at 720p and 30FPS, compared the PS4 version which runs at 1080p and 60FPS.

Elsewhere, we see similar patterns with Assassin’s Creed 4 on Xbox One at 900p and 30FPS, vs the PS4 version which is 1080p and 30FPS in comparison. Battlefield 4 is running at 60FPS on both versions, but the Xbox One resolution is only 720p, while the PS4 is higher at 900p.

Do you think alarm bells are ringing already, or are you confident that developers will soon be able to tap into these ‘hidden Xbox One resources’ and improve the situation for other games in the future?

Give us your thoughts on this one.

Written by Alan Ng

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If you’re really THAT worried, buy a PS4. I mean really, those of us that purchased an XB1 bought it for the experience and not the possibility of marginally crisper/smoother graphics. Why do you think people are buying Wii U’s? Because they want the experience and the unique games that Nintendo produces. Last gen the original Wii wasn’t even HD and yet people bought it in droves. I think that’s proof enough that the average consumer either can’t tell or doesn’t care.


All the games are up scaled.


Metal Gear Solid 5 is 1080p/60fps on the Xbox One and PS4. The Ground Zeroes portion is out in a month and a half.


josh hanlon such a noob wow ^^

Joffre Arteaga
Joffre Arteaga

Who cares, I just want to play, once you play you lose your self in the game I don’t think about frame rates, he’ll my TV is 1080p and yet most content is not even up to that resolution, I don’t sit there and go, I can’t believe that show is not 1080p. As long as the game play is there, then that’s ok, 3.4 million people that have bought the xbox one don’t care.


“Elsewhere, we see similar patterns with Assassin’s Creed 4 on Xbox One at 900p and 30FPS, vs the PS4 version which is 900p and 30FPS in comparison.”


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