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Xbox Kinect: Microsoft Monitor Voice And Chat Sessions

Before you get too exited and queue for hours to get hold of a Kinect for the Xbox 360, you had best take a look at the updated terms of service as Microsoft could end up playing big brother. We do not normally read the terms, but one Lazygamer reader has, and it looks as though the Kinect device can monitor what you are doing.

Once you agree to the terms, you will then give Microsoft permission to access certain information; this includes communications. If that did not worry you enough, then maybe Microsoft being able to “monitor your voice and chat sessions” will?

The chances of you being monitored is slim, as it will be impossible to track what every Kinect user is up too, but they can monitor you at any time they wish — and that’s the scary part. There are a number of reasons why Microsoft is doing this, and one is to make certain that you are not seen to be breaking the law.

This is worrying for a number of reasons, most of you will be using your Kinect to have fun and not to break the law — but this seems to be a breach of your privacy. What are your thoughts on this?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • Bobber

    Sorry dolls, most abuse is caused at home by FAMILY members. The % of people hunting your children down is extremely low risk. Look to your family members and neighbors for the majority of all abuse…not strangers online. You hear these stories and go "eeeeek" which is understandable, the truth is the hunters are likely sitting right next to you.

    Anyhoo, this could all be avoided if parents would be around for their kids and not madly trying to earn more for another ugly SUV in the driveway. Lock out the camera in the settings you lazy bums.

  • LOW


    • Fluff

      Have to agree with "LOW" a pointless headline.

      This is obviously to help MS with the differnt regions for voice reconition nothing more.

      When you buy "Lips" they also ask you if you would like them to monitor your music that you can play use via usb stick as this is to help them decide which video songs to make available for download.

      You can answer "YES" i would like tou to or "NO I owuld not like you to


  • Mike

    I agree. Let them monitor all they like. If it protects children and it secures a safe experience. I'm all for it. I don't need to hide from anything so feel free to do what is necessary.

  • koopa13

    if you click on your gamer profile tab in the new xbox guide you can set what things you wish to opt out of. This monitoring is one of them.

    • Thank god! I didn't like the thought of somebody watching me drunkenly playing dance central in my underwear.

  • Vince

    There are a lot of sick people out there preying on young children. I'm all for monitoring this as much as your internet traffic and phone calls are monitored.

    • Mobieus

      @vince why it is necessary for the industry to "protect children" where are the parents of said children? or should we all just resign that parents no longer are expected to take care of their own child.


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