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Xbox 720, PS4 graphics push overshadowing gameplay

There have been a number of next-generation console debates since the Sony PS4 officially received a release date window of Q4 2013, and the full specs entered the spotlight without the final PS4 console design.

One of the most popular topics continuing to hit the headlines is the graphics potential we will see on both the PS4 and Xbox 720, as most people seem to call it, which is obviously very important considering we’re entertaining a new generation of graphics on consoles.

PC gamers know all about graphics and have been miles ahead for along time thanks to console hardware being many years old now, but gameplay is something that has been a hot topic for both PC and console gamers.

Some people feel that there are a number of games with excellent gameplay, although other gamers are hitting blogs, Facebook walls and many other places voicing how they feel let down this generation by the lack of truly amazing gameplay.


Xbox 720, PS4 graphics push overshadowing gameplay – today we heard another announcement about how good graphics will be on both the Next Xbox and Sony PS4, which came directly from Ubisoft’s CEO Yannis Mallat stating that we will be “Blown” away by the visuals.

Mallat isn’t the first publisher or developer to come forward and push how good graphics will be next-gen, but the feedback we’ve had from gamers is one of gameplay rather than graphics. It is true that most gamers want the best of both worlds, but if you talk to hardcore gamers most would want better gameplay over better graphics.

Do you feel that too much attention is being put on graphics and not enough on gameplay for next-generation consoles? In case you miss it: take a look at Xbox 720 limelight at GamesCom 2013 and how the Sony PS4 share button will come with restrictions.

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Look no further than this week’s announcements from Sony. Two new games that will be releasing for PSVita, PS3 and PS4 – Doki Doki Universe and Hohokum. Two relatively simplistic games that are by no means graphical blockbusters. Additionally, ‘The Witness’ was not hyperrealistic or anything, but stylised. Incredibly detailed, but definitely not resting on the laurels of its graphics to get people hooked. A similar thing could be said for ‘Knack’. It was pretty impressive-looking, but they were stressing the gameplay of it more than anything else. I think the Shooters are what drives this more. What more can… Read more »


The only game brand I see that pushes, improves and progress graphics and game play all at the same time is PlayStation and Naughty Dog games from Crash to the Last of Us.


Well i put it this way, this gen brought alot of changes to the gameplay. However games are are pretty much cod clones these days. Trying to appeal to as many people as possible by dumbing down games and making levels smaller because the consoles have very little ram. As result there are no horror games on pc. I couldnt give a flying crap how good games will look next gen but how good they will feel. No matter how reallistic you make a corridor if i cant have large maps, complex gameplay and interact with the enviroment, it does… Read more »

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