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Xbox 360’s Mass Effect 2: Claims of failure

If you check out metacritic’s collection of reviews for the Xbox 360’s version of Mass Effect 2 you would be forgiven for believing the game was almost perfect, their scoring system gives the game a metascore of 96 out of 100, which is extremely impressive.

Despite this impressive score infoaddict have recently posted an articles titled “The Many Failures of Mass Effect 2”, you can see their full article here.

The writer of the article Jack Devore claims to have completed the game and his verdict is that it is a “complete mess, from top-to-bottom and not a product worthy of Bioware’s heritage”.

There are a lot of things that Jack complains, such as the shortage of alien languages, the awful combat stages, the game’s poor interface and much much more, check out his 4 page rant for yourself here.

Let us know whether you agree with any of Jack’s complaints in the comments section below, I have not yet purchased the game, however I may be buying it within the next few days.

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There is no perfect game. There´s always little bugs or glitches in any game. But i can forgive that in such a complex, long and beautiful game, my first playtrough was 70 hours, my console freeze once. No big deal, they have inmplemented constant automatic saves. In fact, i praise Bioware because they did exactly what every developer should…they listened to the fans feedback about all glitches and things people dislike in mass effect (framerates, popping textures, gameplay…) and they fixed every single thing. This is the third article here making echo of mass effect 2 "problems". By the way,… Read more »


One thing you have to consider with sites like Metacritic is it allows people to start posting scores BEFORE the game/material is even out. ME2 and many others (Especially from the the XBox camp) have high scores well ahead of the release dates. They are not really known for their integrity any more.


I find Mr. Devore’s claim to be ridiculous. Mass Effect 2 may not be the greatest game ever made, but it does deserve praise. It is so many levels above the vast majority of games with its well polished cinematic presentation and captivating gameplay. There is a reason that it sits comfortably at a 96 on Metacritic and is the top rated 360 game on Gamerankings. The people and reviewers have spoken.

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