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Xbox 360 Kinect: Sales Surpass 4 Million Units

There isn’t any doubt that the Xbox 360 Kinect is an extremely popular device. We have been reporting to you various news about the Kinect, including its battle against the ‘PS3 Move’ to win the Christmas sales and how the Kinect sold more than 2.5 million units in a single month.

As previously predicted, the sales are between 3-5 million units at this point in the year. Could they break the 5 million marker? It’s entirely possible. They passed 4 million units sold on the weekend commencing December 11th and with it being the Christmas season, undoubtedly, gamers will have the Kinect on their Christmas list.

The rivals to the Kinect are the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation Move. The sales aren’t looking too bad for the Wii with it having sold 2.9 million units, however the PlayStation Move is sadly lacking at 900,000. If you are thinking of getting the Kinect but aren’t entirely sure it’s for you, then head to the bottom of our article where we have a demonstration video of it in action.

If you want to learn more about the Xbox 360 Kinect, head over to their official webpage by clicking here. You can also see the graphs from the research into the figures above over at

What do you think of the Kinect? Will they go past 5 million units by Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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  • bigdaddytye

    I have a KINECT my whole family like even my 2 year old nephew when he play the WII hethinks it is the KINECT he be jumping around trus story….

  • Dac

    Yes it will pass 5 million, now the PS3 fanboys have had their dreams crushed and people are seeing Kinect work for themselves and they are all buying it..

    Move is turning out to be a huge flop, I expect that is because potential buyers have seen what Kinect is capable of and how easy it all is and has put them off Move and a lot of them have now bought the 360 and Kinect bundle deals that are available.


    I currently own at least one of every console released in the past 20 years…except for a few Japanese only units and the Neo Geo, I own every console from the late 70s onward. The Kinect being a new title currently only offers a few games that are worth playing; however, the device itself is amazing. It offers the potential for real world gaming, not possible with the wii or ps3. I am not putting down other current generation game systems, there are plenty of games that are meant for these motion controllers that will not work well with Kinect. However, I for one enjoy the idea of controller-less gaming environment that may only be offered with Kinect. Let's see what's released this year for all systems.

  • David Robinson

    Greetings I'm a Gamer and i'm 59 years young. I've been with Mircosoft/XBOX, FROM the first XBOX. now i have a "Limted Edition"="CALL of DUTY-MWF 250GB-XBOX 360". I also have a "Bundle"- Deal – ( XBOX 360s 250GB's with="KINECT" ). I've pre-order about five months ago, and about 2 & half weeks ago! i got it. I now have to Re-Arange my living room. to set-up the kinect right! To me with all the "Highs" & "Lows" – "MIRCOSOFT" / "XBOX 360" / and "XBOX LIVE" is the "BEST" Better than the "Rest"!… In close-ing – "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" and a "PEACE-FULL-NEW YEAR" Respectfully Submitted – Your Gaming Brother – D9X ( PEACE-OUT )


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