WWE 2K17 1.08 update for next big features

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2017

WWE 2K17 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One with fans loving the latest edition of the series from 2K. Now we offer up a reference point to all new and future WWE 2K17 updates on PS4 and Xbox One and provide a place for you to check patch notes – next up should be WWE 2K17 update 1.08.

2K will always be offering support for the game after release and we saw with WWE 2K16 that bug fix updates were a regular occurrence.

With that in mind, we want you to let us know what you want to see fixed with WWE 2K17 after release if you encounter any problems immediately after installing the game.


Keep checking this page and we’ll update you when 2K announce their next batch of WWE 2K17 1.08 patch notes which are usually delivered to the official forums.

Are you excited about WWE 2K17? What needs to be improved in time for the next WWE 2K17 update on PS4 and Xbox One?

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  • Pack4Life83

    They aren’t going to patch this game anymore. They have moved on to 2k18. They do this every year. Support is over for 2k17. 1.06 is the last update you will get, just like with 2k16. It will be the same with 2k18 as well. They have a set number of patches they do and then that’s it. Why? Because patches for console games cost A LOT of money, and they have to be planned out ahead of time. Something you people don’t understand apparently.

    • greenlee_blue24

      Then if they aren’t going to patch this game anymore, i demand my money back…..i’ve got trish stratus coming out and announced as the women’s champion when i have that belt assigned to Alundra blayze. and no matter what i do, the belt still stays with trish until it decides to randomly switch to a different diva. eva marie and sasha banks hair screws up in entrance…..the hardcore belt isn’t announced as the hardocore champion, i have mankind with it and lillian announces…”the wwe hardcore…..mankind!” leaving off the word champion……i want my money back if they aren’t going to fix this because i did not pay 60 something bucks on a game that isn’t going to work the way i want it to!

  • richyrich

    Been so long since the last update, what are 2K waiting for??

  • Shaun Umland

    They have to patch all problems with my career i was trying to call out big e and my game kept giving errors everytime i go into my career

  • Manwich

    I think you mean patch 1.06 that’s the one that went live recently, and it’s also the only one with recent patch notes released.

  • K2king88

    Why won’t they release the patch notes, what are you not telling us 2k

  • jamesryback

    when is this coming on PS4 i see nothing yet

  • jeff

    Belts are still on the wrong guys, so annoying 2k.

  • Greg Kleba

    They need fixes for comeback moves on running on corner for wwe 2k17.

  • NgTurbo

    Is everyone still enjoying WWE 2K17? Let us know what you want to see for the next update – should be 1.07!

  • guss jr

    How come we don’t get demos like NBA. Pleas 2k I’m a xb1 & ps4 fan. Demo pleas

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone playing the game early? We know the street date was leaked in some places..

    • Jimmy Skaggs

      I’d love to know this as well. It’s pre-loaded and installed on my Xbox One, and I’d LOVE to just get a test out of it.