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WoW Cataclysm: Path of the Titans, New Raids, Guild Talents & Achievements

More news now from the Blizzard camp and the universe of World of Warcraft, which includes fresh details about the upcoming expansion Cataclysm.

One of the most talked about of the missing features in previous expansions was the lack of guild interaction and options. This is all about to change in Cataclysm as Blizzard has been working on ways to improve the social factor within the game, and have done this by adding guild achievements, rewards, and guild leveling.

Blizzard have decided that the ‘guild talents’ feature that was expected to act just like a character talent tree will be scrapped, as well as the guild currency feature. But that does not mean the achievements and rewards are going away.

The guild will be able to ‘level up’ when members of the guild participate in rated battleground wins, kill raid or dungeon bosses, complete quests or unlock certain guild achievements. The maximum level that a guild can level is up to level 25, and with each level, the guild will receive perks, which before were intended as talents.

Guild rewards will also be unlocked when achievements are gained, but you must have the required guild reputation to be able to purchase these rewards that include heirlooms, mounts that come with flags of the guild emblem and tabards. Guild reputation will be earned on a per-character basis, but Blizzard have stated that your rep will not be wiped straight away, just incase you receive a ‘joke gkick’ or ‘gquit’.

On the subject of guild achievements, these can only be achieved if 7 out of 10 members are present in a 10-man raid, or 20 members for a 25-man raid. One good thing to note here, is that if all members that gained the achievement decided to leave the guild, the achievement would remain, but also be memorialized by members that gained the achievement when it is viewed. This is all set to be part of the entirely new guild UI that has been a long time coming.

We have also heard some news about some of the raids that are coming in Cataclysm. Grim Batol’s Bastion of Twilight will be an entry level raid with five bosses, with the end boss being Cho’gall. If Cho’gall is defeated on hard mode, we understand that the floor will break and we will get a huge lore secret exposed to us. What could this be?

Another big shock that has come out of the press event is that the Path of the Titans idea has been completely scrapped, with Blizzard deciding to focus on improving the Inscription and glyph system instead. There are set to be three different types of glyphs, Major, Medium and Minor, with medium not being the final name.

Glyphs will work the same was as they do now, but the ‘medium’ glyph will be purely cosmetic or fun. Glyphs will now also only have to be learned once, so you will not have to purchase new ones every time you respec.

These are just some of the small changes coming in Cataclysm, if you want the entire list, check out the source where you can feast on the wealth of new information they have regarding the press event.

How do you feel about the new Guild leveling system, with new achievements, UI and rewards. I wonder what the ‘lore secret’ could be? C’Thun maybe? Guess we will have to find out.

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