World’s smallest video camera the result of Evolved Endoscopy

When a camera is being inserted into your body for whatever reason that may be you’d expect it to be fairly small so as to cause as little discomfort as possible. Well thanks to Medigus a video camera has been produced that is so small it is almost unnoticeable.

This camera which the company has manufactured is actually the smallest video camera in the world, at just 0.99mm in diameter. That’s just smaller than the world’s previous smallest camera.

They are made from materials that are suitable for medical use and promise to revolutionize the endoscopy technology once more. You will be thankful to hear that these miniature cameras are designed to be disposed of after use, and considering where they are meant to be inserted it’s a good thing in more ways than one.

It has a 45,000 pixel resolution and features a 66mm x 66mm CMOS sensor which delivers the video playback. Check out the full press release over at Engadget where you will find out what the intentions for the new technology are.

What do you think of the tiny video cam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by Chris Cook

Chris enjoys reading most types of news, which includes gaming for the PS3, Xbox 360, and other popular gaming devices. His passion for sports, music, and the latest technology is shown in the news he reports. While the Internet keeps everyone connected, Chris has a keen interest to view the world first hand. This aim is made more possible thanks to being able to report news online from anywhere in the world.



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