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Word finder games for iPhone: 5 you’ll love

Get all words you need to play your puzzles, games or just widen your vocabulary with word finder games for the iPhone. Have a specific app for certain words you need to get familiar with or use it to finish that crossword. Out of the many word finder applications available, we have had a look at five that you will love.

WordMaster: Crossword/Anagram Solver is available for £0.59. This is a great app for scoring options in games like Scrabble. WordMaster also assists you in completing those difficult crossword puzzles where there are few letters you cannot figure out. Fill in the letters you know in the letterboxes, the blanks are left as missing letters and once you press search a matching list of words will help you. This option will concentrate your search with different variations of a full word. The anagram finder will help you with other words from your jumbled letters.

Words With Cheats for Friends is an iOS Universal app at £0.59. This application does exactly what it says and helps you win games like Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends. By entering any letters, you can get the best words in seconds. Using the actual words from friend’s dictionary, any combination of letters entered will adapt to give you all possible words. Even words up to 16 letters long will be translated in seconds. Put a ? alternatively a Space where you have blank tiles and let this app do the rest.

Words a Word Finder for Games Like Words With Friends is also £0.59 and has similar features. This application includes Scrabble and Bananagrams. You can use this app to learn new words or settle a scrabble argument. Choose between the Enable and SOWPODS for English games, ODS5 word list for French games and Zingarelli 2005 word list for Italian. Much like the previous app you enter space bar for missing letters and view words sorted by Scrabble score, length, or alphabetically.

Super Word Finder is £2.39 and has a few different features that will interest you. With a great Super Search, and new Wiktionary integrated definition look up. Super Words is an intuitive app that is ideal for looking up a word that you can use in a game of SCRABBLE, or for checking a word that has been played. In the Standard English version of the application, the English word lists are comprised of several publicly available, approved word lists, used in English speaking countries around the world. With French now available and Italian, Spanish and German coming soon this app could be of great use to students.

Ellipses – The Ultimate Word Game Companion is an easy to use app for £2.99. Ellipses can be used with games like Boggle, Jumble, Text Twist, Scrabble, and Chess. With dictionary checks for the corresponding games, word generation mode and game clock, you will have everything you require. Use the dictionary to check any word against the official TWL (North American) or SOWPODS (International) dictionaries instantly, with no internet connection required. You can even search two dictionaries at the same time. Type a @ if you have a blank.

I always remember someone telling me the word gullible is not in the dictionary! I hope that we have given you some options as to which app you would find most useful. There are many other word finder games to choose from and these are five you’ll love. For more information on these and more, head over to the AppShopper.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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