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Windows Phone 7 Sales: Microsoft Stay Quiet

Yesterday we posted an article where Microsoft seemed extremely happy with Kinect sales, however they are keeping strangely quiet regarding Windows Phone 7 sales.

I’m sure if Windows Phone 7 device sales smashed Microsoft’s projections they would not be staying so quiet, therefore it suggests that Windows Phone 7 may not have been as much of a success as Microsoft had hoped.

Obviously it is early days for Microsoft’s mobile OS, Steve Ballmer has said that Microsoft is “off to a great start with Windows Phone 7.” and added “it marks the beginning, we think, of a new era in smart phones.”. It will be interesting to see whether verified WP7 stats and figures paint a similar picture.

I’m sure as more Windows Phone 7 smartphones hit carriers their market share will increase, however only time will tell whether it can hold its own against iOS and Android.

Do you own a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, if so how would you rate it compared to Android / iOS?

Source: InformationWeek

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

He began writing for Product Reviews in mid 2009 and has since expanded his knowledge across a wide-base of devices, he is looking to get more hands-on experience with new devices to gain a better understanding of the latest and greatest technologies.


  • Darren S.

    I have a Samsung Focus, I can't say much in terms of its comparison versus the other phones since this is my first cell phone (I've been off the grid my entire life). However I can describe my purchase experience.

    I figured living in a bigger city like Ottawa it wouldn't be that hard to find a place that offered WP7 0
    phones, boy was I wrong. It was like others have said in this post; on launch day there NO stores that offered them and when they did they were scarce. And if I had a nickle each time a sales rep had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for the phone or tried to sell me a Windows Mobile 6.5 claiming that "it's the new one", I'd be rich.

    I can't speak for any place else, but trying to buy a WP7 phone at launch in Canada was bad, real bad. I have NEVER had such a difficult time finding a device let alone a knowledgeable salesperson.

  • Donald Q

    Recently got an HD7. While the HD7 hasn’t gotten the best of reviews of the WP7s, I liked the really big screen size too much to pass. I have owned an Android,an original win phone, an iPhone and my wife has an iPhone4. Without bias I have to give credit where due for MS. I roasted the original Win OS, which ws horrible, but the WP7 OS is the first major overhaul to smart phones since the iPhone broke the mold. People moan and complain about small stuff and make it a bigger deal than it is. I mean how often do you really use cut and paste (although there is no excuse for not having it). Bottom line, the stuff you use 30 times a day is awesome. The dynamic tiles really do make it easier, and more importantly, faster to get the info you want. The OS has yet to “hang” on me, which was a major issue for me with other phones. Pulling in contacts, email accounts, music and media is easier than I can remember on any other device (not just phones). And why is no one talking about Zune? I mean music is my number one “app” besides the actual phone calls and Zune is literally 2 generations beyond other all inclusive music platforms. Can’t explain it all here but try it and show me where there is a better product. Disclaimer – like many MS products it takes some playing to figure out all the functionality. i will say the app store is very sparce at this point, which is a drag. Hopefully that catches up soon. But overall its easily fhe best phone I have had. I think MS’ problem with sales isn’t the quality of the phone but the marketing hype around it, while also coming into a market that is already very mature.

  • Michael

    I've had a Win Phone 7 phone for a week. I absolutely love it. It's much faster than my wife's latest Iphone, and the interface is way sleeker. It makes the Iphone look dated, but that's not all. It is faster, it has better integration with Facebook (which I love), it has fantastic games on the Zune. All in all, an amazing experience.

  • even though the windOS7 phones dont yet have copy and paste(coming soon), multitask support(coming soon), a tomtom (coming soon in the form of orange maps), ebuddy or other multiplatform chat messenger (HOPEFULLY coming soon) or any way to connect with many services such as facebook chat(most liekely coming soon but who knows? hope so) and does have its teething bugs, being a brand new OS, practically still in BETA im sure lol, it still hands down BEATS any other mobile OS out there.
    i boaght an HTC HD7 the day they were released in the UK after reading the reveiws on them and have not been disapointed in the slightest, the most fluid, intuitive phone/os ive used ever, i only still use my iPhone3gs for the multitask and the few apps that WP7 doesnt yet have and will later use it purely as an iTouch as i cant see myself needing another other phone once the big updates come for WP7. all the problems and lacks literaly are just the teething problems of releasing new softwares, and will be ironed out, but its absolutely amazing.
    i would ;ike to see custom ringtones and better software running the camera aswell in the future but again this most likely will be in the updates.

    iphone 4 and the top android handsets(i never ever could get on with android) dont have anything on WP7, and symbian, ha, what is symbian?

    and this is written by someone who has used all of the above phones and was an avid fanboy of apple products and hater of microsoft, so for wp7 os to impress me that much is astounding,

  • Martin

    I was in an AT&T store looking at the WinMo7 devices out of curiosity. A fellow was looking at iPhone 4s then asked about “the new Microsoft one”. The sales guy replied back something like ‘we all like the iPhone and haven’t some many of the MS ones’


    So I was kind of crushed, if WinMo7 isn’t being pushed by the sales people, it’s almost doomed from the start. 🙁

  • James

    Just upgraded to a win7 Phone from an iPhone 3gs and its a huge win with me. Love it so far.

  • Trung

    I had iPhone 3G (2 year old) and it turns out to be really bad with AT&T. The phone is slow and gives me so much troubles that I decided to switch to WP7. Got HD7 the 2nd day after it came out. I cannot be more happy.

    There are many things I do now that I never thought I would do on a phone before. It changed the way I use the phone now. I can even check mail when driving (I don't suggest people to do this) but the GUI is that easy to navigate and the screen is big enough to see even when driving. You probably read the review for the OS from everywhere but when you see end users start to comment the phone like this, you know it's that good. The HD7 makes the iPhone looks pretty average. The iPhone is still a great phone but it's no longer the only option for people out there. There are a lot of competition and WP7 is one of the heavy contender. I have no doubt WP7 is dong really really well in the future.

  • Justice~!

    LOL, I love the Windows user base here rushing to praise their phone!! It's getting trashed hombres!! I'd love it too if I heard even a millimetre of buzz about it but NAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Lewis

    Low sales could be connected to the low supply? Of the three stores I went to they either had no phones or had only a handful. I seem to recall reading about a shortage in parts to make the phones. Any case, I own a Focus. It's very nice. The UI is responsive and easy on the eyes. Not many apps yet but there are new ones everyday it seems. I've already found a few favorites that I use. It's like no other phone I've used.

    Way too early to call a product a "fail". If I had a penny for every time I saw that word on the internet I could buy and sell both Microsoft AND Apple. 😉

  • Oliver in MK

    Just got an HTC Trophy….despite being the cheapest option id have it over any iphone or android phone any day. Even the screen looks amazing with the OS and its not even HD or amoled, makes the iphone 4 screen look pretty average! Free microsoft office, outlook sync, xbox live, comprehensive news tiles yet clear and easy to use….makes android and apple look dumb!

  • bill

    i have one. it beats the is quite beautiful and modern.iphone and android are the same late 90s app machines. they never change.

  • Stu

    It’s funny to me. After a whole week since release, some people want to pretend like this platform has already been a failure. Despite the good reviews from both users and tech reviewers, they’ve already decided for all of us how things are going. Very laughable. They’re so wise, that’s why they run multibillion dollar companies.

    The platform has been pretty well received so far and despite what the early sales may or may not be, I expect it to grow. The telling point will probably be how quickly the app store develops and how efficient MS is at providing updates and adding features that are missing. If they stay on top of those things and with more providers and phones in the market, I fully expect that this is only the beginning of what will be a very competitive product. If they don’t, well, things won’t go so well probably. We’ll find out if I’m right or the MS haters are, but lets revisit this topic a year or so from now and see who looks wise and who looks like a fanboy. I’ll put my money on my point of view and will be more than happy to take some credit at that time. If I’m not right, I’ll offer my kudos to those who saw this as a failed product way to soon. Let’s see if they’ll do the same though when I’m proven to be the wise one, as I fully expect to be.

    Anyway, regardless of where anyone’s loyalty lies, lets hope that products get better from the competition and rates from carriers become more affordable, as they are in many places that aren’t the U.S. It really doesn’t matter in the end which platform you choose. If it works for you, than enjoy. If not, than try another. Bashing what you don’t use accomplishes very little though and gets us nowhere. If you need everyone to use that same product to justify your purchase, than your opinions don’t mean much to me. If you can point out the negatives and positives of all platforms and make an educated decision of which will work for you, than express why it works for you, yet understand why it may not work for someone else, than that’s an opinion I can respect and maybe learn something from. If you post nonsense fanboy stuff, it doesn’t really take a genius to see though it (regardless of which camp you fall under) therefore, it serves no real purpose other than to boost your self esteem about your choice. Provided someone will agree with you.

    Good day.

  • Vince

    bought an hd7, there is NO better looking os, sorry ios but the keyboard is also more responsive and better on wp7. not even comparable to androids fragmented mess. I have every app a normal person could possible want, even so, there are more than 2200 apps in the marketpalce now and they add more and more every day. my guess…..50 thousand by mid or end of this coming summer. i can only find one single thing that they should add that would benefit the average cell phone user (all that other copy/paste multitask shit that will be added in january doesnt matter to most) is a phonewide search of all the stuff on the phone. maybe swipe up or swipe left for that. or a phone icon next to the search button on the bing page. other than that, its perfect. touch responsiveness, look, feel, music navigation, ease of use, big readable letter. pinch zooming, landscape portrait switch is super fast. its not even related to wm 6.5, this is a whole new monster of smartphone perfectness. Any iphone or android users who i predict will read this article and bash it just because they are afraid of it, are stupid.

  • Williams

    I bought a Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus two days ago. It is easily the best smartphone I have ever owned. It is faster, better looking than my iPhone, and because it is secure, companies like Netflix will produce apps for it. (Netflix won't make apps for Android due to its many security flaws.)

  • Kasser

    Have an Omnis 7, switched from android and before that ios3 – despite the oft mentioned feature for me its best all round smart phone experience and forthcoming updates it will only get better

    BTW typed this in via the phone.

  • srakor

    Windows Phone 7 is obviously doing badly.

    That's clear to everyone. BoyGeniusReport surveyed 15 stores in US cities, and they reported poor sales of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Now we are starting to see the phones end up in the discount bin in some stores.

    Microsoft's refusal to give figures repeats what happened with the Kin phones. Now it's happening all over again.

    The question is, what happens next? How long with OEMs and carriers stay with a failed product before they give up?


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