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Windows 9 in alpha not beta, Office 2015 preview soon

The Microsoft Windows 9 and Office 2015 release date window could be in a different quarter to we first thought. New evidence is pointing to the launch in Q2-Q3 2015 for a Windows 9 preview build and an Office 2015 public preview might be just a few weeks away.

This new insight and screenshot takes a better look at the documents leaked by well-known FaiKee along with their own sources, which state reasons why the documents can’t be fake. It is clear that Windows 9 is in an alpha stage and not beta, while Office 2015 isn’t in alpha anymore.


Within the Windows 9 “Update Items” you’ll notice changes to OneDrive, Windows Defender, Metro UI, and also improvements to Windows activation. The leaked document also lists Office 2015 as “TP-CP1”, which is said to be Consumer Preview 1 and Technical Preview.

Take a look at the document and insight through the above link, then share a comment below with what you want to see from the Windows 9 and Office 2015 previews? The latter reveal shouldn’t be too far away now.

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They need to allow Desktop users to have a Desktop, not a pretty GUI that slows down production. I don’t need pretty. I need an OS that works fast and allows me to multi-task with ease. In regards to Office, more integration, the ability to “trim” the ribbon interface so that only the features used are shown (kind of like it used to be). Also, Stop trying to push me to lease your software. How about letting me choose the portions of Office I want (like I really care about Powerpoint) and pay by module instead of forcing me to… Read more »

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