Destiny Xur location live on July 1

This is the page when we track the Destiny Xur location on July 1 and let you know first his full inventory once he arrives in the Tower or Reef. If you want to know where Xur is, check the spawn times below and join the debate in our community section.

What Xur sold last week: Inventory included Patience and Time exotic Sniper, MK 44 Stand Asides, Lucky Raspberry and Claws of Ahamkara.


Xur will spawn in the Tower or Reef at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time – these will be the same times every week until the clocks change which we’ll notify you of in advance.

Come back at the times above on Friday and we’ll update this article with Xur’s live location on July 1 in the Reef or Tower and let you know what he’s selling before anywhere else.

Anyone still playing Destiny every single day, or have you stopped until you get news on Destiny 2?

Update: Xur is live for another week. Here is what he is selling for 1/7/16: Bad Juju, Twilight Garrison, Mask of the Third Man, Apotheosis Veil, Legacy Helmet Engram.

Location: In the Reef!



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