When car modification goes wrong

While car modifications can be a great way to make your car more distinctive, or (legally) somewhat faster, they can also be a very bad idea. The worst car modifications tend to either come from a flawed idea of what will look impressive, or simply seem to defy most laws of physics. With these kinds of potential problems in mind, and always remembering the lengths some people will go to when making modifications, the worst habits and particular offenders to grace our roads include:

Fake Engine Sounds – Many cars aspire to faster speeds through turbocharging kits, and many manage to pull this off without actually having to make their cars look much different. However, other drivers go in a slightly different direction, and just add in the sound of a turbocharger to their car.

Wings – Tasteful spoilers and wings work well with sports cars that actually need them for their aerodynamics. Racing spoilers on cars that can barely make it up to 100 mph are ambitious at best, and misguided most of the time.

Re-Spraying – A lot of car owners opt to re-spray their vehicles, either to make them look newer, or to try out a new design. Some of the colour choices they opt for are not always advisable, however, with camouflage painted cars or airbrushed details are never going to look great.

Treads – The habit of adding in comically over sized wheels to normal sized cars does not seem to be losing its popularity, so expect to see more photographs online of Minis with tank treads, or compact cars with truck wheels.

Fake Chrome – Decorating your car with large amounts of fake chrome is neither big nor clever, and ultimately makes some vehicles look like they’re ready to be baked in the oven, rather than retro or powerful.

Lowered Suspension – Cutting your springs and lowering your suspension has been popular for a long time, but rarely looks good. A bouncing car, in any case, is not likely to be comfortable for its passengers.

Full Body Kits – Some modifications go all the way with full body kits, many of which are unfortunately too large, or simply unsuited to the style of the car they cover, resulting in Frankenstein vehicles with unusually shaped parts.

Pig Mobile – One of the more unfortunate mods to be seen online, the Pig Mobile lives up to its name with bright pink paint, wings as ears, and a carefully designed front snout.

Solid Gold – Covering your car in gold plate (or an approximation of it) might seem like a good idea, but probably is not a good idea if you want to park it anywhere in public in the near future. Throw in the fact that this option rarely involves actual gold, and you have some very shiny, but ultimately questionable modifications.

Cardboard Tanks – Representing examples of DIY projects taken to an extreme, cars kitted out with cardboard boxes to create mini tanks are only going to look impressive for a few seconds, or at least until the car gets caught in the rain.

Thanks to Emily S who is a motoring enthusiast and writes regularly about anything with four wheels. Her recent blogging obsession has been focused on the IS, which she recently bought from Lexus in Nottingham, England.

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