What FFXV Dream Egg is for with Flying Chocobo tease

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2017

For those players that have already finished the Moogle Chocobo DLC event in Final Fantasy XV, you’ll notice a rather strange key item that you receive at the end of it by getting the Dream Egg – spoilers below!

As you can guess though, everyone wants to know what the Dream Egg does in FFXV and if it is possibly linked to the flying chocobo myth.

Right now, there is no flying chocobo which players are very surprised about as you get the Regalia-Type F instead. There’s a Black Chocobo in the game which you hatch but doesn’t seem to do anything either and it feels like Square-Enix somewhat ran out of time thinking what the actual use of the black chocobo is for other than to look pretty.


Now the mystery gets even more exciting as take a look at the description for the Dream Egg once you unlock it.

Obtained at the Moogle Carnival, this enigmatic egg is full of big dreams, but shows no signs of hatching any time soon”

The key word there is hatch, meaning that it could be Chocobo related. Some of the guesses online suggest that it could be a moogle-chocobo hybrid, while others have said that it could finally be a flying chocobo.

Nobody knows what to do with the Dream Egg in Final Fantasy XV and what you use it for right now though and there’s discussion on whether you need to wait several in-game hours for the egg to hatch – Pokemon style.

We have already been to Wiz Chocobo post with the Dream Egg but nothing happens with regards to a new quest starting. This is yet another mystery that players will have to wait and see since Square-Enix are remaining silent.

This just reminds us of Cid’s Old Hammer – another key item that has no use yet. What do you think the Dream Egg will be for? Leave your best theories below!

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  • master tonberry

    maybe for omelette ??