VR Skyrim and Battlefield 4 with DLC to enhance

Virtual reality is coming and has been on the minds of enthusiasts since the days of the holodeck onboard ships in Star Trek, and while we might be a few years away from really slick gaming accessories, and decades away from Star Trek technology it has to be said that even the most basic VR could improve on gimmick 3D gaming.

The current 3D entertainment is a stepping stone to something better – Millions of us go to the cinema and watch 3D movies and play games in 3D, although I cannot help but feel this is just a phase we’re going through while approaching the better virtual reality systems coming in the near future. explained recently about technology from a company called “Forth Dimension Displays“, which shows great promise for the world of virtual reality gaming thanks to their experience in microdisplays, although the current demo is in extremely early stages and is waiting for backing from a third party.

Forth Dimension contacted us yesterday after our recent story, and while this was just a routine phone call we did find out they’ve had some promising developments in looking for a 3rd party and also it looks like our wish for a PS4 partnership is likely never to happen thanks to Sony developing their own tech, which is apparently not as advanced if rumors are to be believed.

Gaming fans are not waiting around to explore possibilities for virtual reality gaming — this has been shown by some innovative fans that have taken other peoples technology, and mashed them together to create some raw VR setups, which can be seen in the video below this article. This video shows what is possible by mashing a Sony headset, Kinect sensor, and other tech.

We’ve also seen other less impressive innovation at gaming events in the past, which includes the FPS simulator seen at a gadget event last year and demonstrated Battlefield 3. This is nothing compared to the immersion found in Forth Dimension’s setup, which is likely to become a sleek accessory in the near future and offer more immersion than ever before, although at what price?

Skyrim and Battlefield 4 played with virtual reality peripherals — some games release every year and while the likes of Call of Duty are extremely successful, it’s the games that take more development like Skyrim and Battlefield that offer something special rather than annual reused games. We cannot deny MW3 for the success in terms of sales, but prefer to see more time taken during development to offer something unique.

With this in-mind you can expect to wait longer for Battlefield 4 than you would for the next Call of Duty game, and even longer for the next Elder Scrolls game, so it’s likely that early generations of new virtual reality accessories will release on next-gen hardware and maybe even sooner for the Xbox 360 and PS3. After watching the videos and speaking to some of those involved in the technology for future VR accessories we cannot wait to experience immersion like 3D could never achieve, and take FPS and RPG to another level.

Would you love to play Skyrim with a VR accessory, and how could developers enhance Battlefield 4 and Skyrim with DLC to take advantage of virtual reality? Do you have ideas for new maps, levels, and expansions paired with VR accessories?

Current feedback gives insight for features needed — there are concerns from the gamer, and some people feel that this sort of setup could “blur the line between the virtual environment and their true one“. Other people point out challenges with “proper integration with surrounding environments“, and pointing to the need for “partially transparent” displays for being able to see your surroundings while immersed in the virtual environment.

While many gamers dream about VR gaming it seems that one of the most common worries is price, and it’s likely that movement controls/guns, visors, and a full body suit would fetch a really high price that could be too much for the majority of gamers. This issue alone could kill a next-gen virtual reality system before it could takeoff, and even if the accessory reaches major production it wouldn’t reach massive success until a certain price point can be attained.

In summary: Real virtual reality gaming is coming and it’s only a matter of time, but the right price and compelling software is needed for success. For now we look forward to trying out Skyrim and future games like Battlefield 4 with next-gen VR peripherals, and hope a certain price can be reached for all consumers to enjoy gaming on the level it deserves.

Would you have concerns with virtual reality gaming and the amount of time some people could be immersed within a virtual world?

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