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Visit the island of Sardinia with the help of Apple apps

Sardinia or Sardegna known to the Italians is a beautiful island and an autonomous region of Italy. The name Sardinia is from the pre-Roman noun sard, Romanized as sardus the name had a religious connotation suggested from its use also as the adjective for the ancient Sardinian mythological hero-god Sardus Pater “Sardinian Father”. The flag of Sardinia is popularly known also as the Four Moors flag, this consists of a red cross on a white background, with a maure (moor’s cut head) in each quarter. Apparently, the four moors’ symbol appeared first in the celebrations following the victory in the Battle of Alcoraz by King Peter I of Aragon and Navarre in 1096, where the four moors refer to the Arab defeat by his hand.

After visiting this island a few times, I found Sardinia was much like a tropical island with great food, beaches and tropical weather. The Sardinian language is widely spoken on the island, as well as Italian. Sardinia is a very ancient land mass, perhaps the oldest of all Italy, going back to the Cambrian period, 570 million years ago. With the fluctuation of the sea level, the island of Sardinia had at times a land link to the rest of Italy. In the interglaciation periods, Sardinia became an island once more. The animals, being cut off from any possibility of refreshing their genetic patrimony, slowly evolved into species quite different to their original ancestors. Curiously, the tendency was to decrease in size and the elephants in Sardinia had shrunk in size to that of a dog. It is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. We thought it would be a good idea to let you in on a few apps available.

Sardinia by Bruno Mandolesi is available through the iTunes App Store for £0.69/$0.99. This application gives users the opportunity to visit the island with the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Look at 360 great panoramic views of beaches. Go on virtual tours of Nora and Antas with over 80 high-resolution images contained. Obtain information on directions, events and local weather forecasts. Find out where over 50 points of interest are with a detailed map. This is the ideal app for anyone visiting this unique island.

Sardinia Street Map by is a great application to assist the user with a quick and easy to use map reference. Find out where you are the surrounding streets and the best way to get to your destination. Available for £1.49/$1.99 at the App Store you will find there is no need any network connection at all once the application is installed on your iPhone. Get information on useful locations such as ATM’s, parking, museums, car rentals and restaurants. There is also an iPad version specifically for that device.

Sardinia Beaches Guide by easybusyapp lets the user discover the best 200 beaches in Sardinia. Find out about facilities, activities, location and destination using a route map that will direct you using your current position. This easy to use app is available for £1.49/$1.99 at the App Store.

Holidays in Sardinia Italy by Bruno Mei is the ideal application for planning a vacation on this beautiful island. The user will acquire knowledge about interesting archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and festivals of Sardinian typical foods. For £1.49/$1.99 at the App Store, you can also get an informative description of each beach, with a photo gallery and an interactive map.

iSardinia by Spexi has over 420 data sheets for points of interest and beaches. On these sheets, users will find photographs of the resort, an itinerary for getting there and a brief list of nearby services. Containing driving instructions, a navigational satellite map and a description of the type of beach, seabed and environmental context. Available for £0.69/$0.99 at the App Store this is an easy to use application. Get help with finding beautiful places like Sassari and Cagliari and more with a mini guides list.

Relax and enjoy your island holiday with useful apps compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Do you feel Sardinia is one of those places you would love to visit? From personal experience, you can’t go far wrong; this island really is an amazing place to go on holiday.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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