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Verizon iPhone: AT&T Dropped Calls and Growth

If you are one of the thousands, maybe millions of AT&T customers who want a Verizon iPhone launch we have recently came across an article on NYTimes which suggests that this could in fact benefit both AT&T’s network.

As you are probably aware AT&T are currently upgrading their network in an attempt to keep their customers happy, however people are still experience dropped calls and annoying reception problems, therefore people feel that a switch to Verizon could be the answer to all of their problems.

NYTimes suggest that people leaving AT&T would take some of the stress of their network, which means people that stay loyal to AT&T may in fact no longer experience the reception issues which they are currently plagued with.

It seems as if Verizon customers are far more happier with their network than AT&T and their network, however a Verizon iPhone release could potentially have an adverse affect on their network, if millions of customers joined Verizon perhaps dropped calls and reception issues will affect them, it is thought that Verizon’s network will handle this extra stress, however you don’t really know until it happens.

We would love to hear your opinions on this matter, therefore feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will Verizon’s network cope with an iPhone release? Will AT&T’s network improved when people jump ship to Verizon? What do you think?

Source: NYTimes

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

He began writing for Product Reviews in mid 2009 and has since expanded his knowledge across a wide-base of devices, he is looking to get more hands-on experience with new devices to gain a better understanding of the latest and greatest technologies.


  • Will

    Verizon has double the capacity to handle the incremental data usage and has proven there overall network quality with the success of Andriod. They report that over 30% of their 90 million subscribers currently utlize a smartphone. Therefore, I would imagine the iPhone would be a welcomed addition vs. a network nightmare.

  • Engineer

    Hey Charleton- stick to D&D or whatever it is you do understand, cellular concepts and mod schemes are well beyond your grasp so don’t fake it with a bunch of industry acronyms you are unsure of. Thanks

  • Moe

    I had ATT before the iPhone and its the same old story. Verizon pricing is too high but their service is great. I jumped on all carriers and tried most of their smartphones. GSM is a great concept and right now I am able to use different phones besides my iphone without calling it in. However, Tmobile and ATT both have reception issues compared to the CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon. I will go back to Verizon if they get the iPhone and thats the only reason I am with ATT. Also, a $69.99 plan for Verizon is being tested mirroring Sprint's plan. Its a Home Run for Verizon if it becomes available.

  • Rich

    Whatever the reasons, I get excellent coverage from Verizon, and switched from ATT, so I am aware of the contrast. I experience only a few dropped calls a month and those are usually at the other end. Friends who switched from ATT to Verizon have been similarly pleased with the coverage. I seriously doubt there will be a significant degradation of coverage if Verizon gets the iPhone, but we will see in time. PS, very pleased with my Android, but am curious about the iPhone.

  • Ben Jonson

    This makes sense to me. Verizon won't be greener after the exodus. I'm staying with AT&T.

  • I love iPhone, I love GSM technology but I have a lot dropped calls, low Internet service and toilet noise. I will switch to verizon. I think verizon is so ready to handle those problems. Also they will used LTE soon.

  • Charlton

    The problem is not the quality of the AT&T network, it is an issue of capacity and technology.
    Currently AT&T uses technology GSM that allows multitasking . When they allowed multitasking (e.g.being on a call and connecting to the internet simultaneously) they effectively exponentially increased demand on their network. Think of each user not just as a telephone customer, but also using 2 or more data lines in addition to the telephone. This is what the iPhone did to AT&T. Each user suddenly became 2 or more users, and in some cases they became 6 or more users, depending on which apps they use.

    Verizon is a different technology (CDMA) that does not allow multitasking. You may make a call or you may use the internet but you cannot really do both simultaneously. Verizon is promising Wall Street a roll out of a new "fix" that will allow multitasking (investors don't fully understand that the technology they invested in will have to be completely replaced to support the iPhone ) . Verizon needs a new network (LTE technology) before they can truly support the iPhone. They will not come out and say it because their stock would become worthless as everyone dumped it because the will have no cash left for dividends after buying a whole new cellular network.

    CDMA compared to GSM is sort of like AM or FM radio.

    FM is similar to GSM (AT&T) it is clear and sounds full & rich but is relatively short range and can be obstructed or degraded fairly easily. It is STEREO sound or HI Fidelity. When reception is poor you notice the drop off of stereo and are left with a mono or no signal.

    AM is like CDMA (Verizon) it does not have the bandwidth of FM but signal reception distance is far greater. It can be able to be picked up in some form at great distances from the tower. However even at its best it is MONO ,when signal strength is poor you are still in mono so it really isn't apparent you lost anything.

    Personally I wish all those grousing about how superior Verizon is should be forced to that network with an iPhone. Of course they will actually need 2 iPhones, one to talk on and one for data. They should be forced to stay away from the AT&T network for 2 years. By then I would bet they would be begging to come back.

    This is why APPLE made the decision not to sell to Verizon. Simply put the Verizon network could not handle the iPhone when it was first launched, nor can it currently. Apple wisely understood this and refused to take the bashing it would have done to the Apple name. Apple would love to sell to the millions of Verizon customers however it is not willing to lose it's reputation to do so.

    • xiromisho

      “Simply put the Verizon network could not handle the iPhone when it was first launched, nor can it currently. Apple wisely understood this and refused to take the bashing it would have done to the Apple name.”

      and yet previously you stated that because the AT&T Network allowed the multitasking situation thus their problems exist… therefore if the iPhone is forced to do one or the other (phone or internet… which, I’ll be honest, I don’t have any issues with and it not a major point of contention for me) then Verizon IS ready for the iPhone because they won’t have such issues…

      and the damage to Apple’s name has been done by AT&T by the dropped calls and poor reception and complete lack of 3G in most area’s.

    • Sammeh

      True CDMA is an older technology than GSM, its been proven that the Droids use more data than the iphone, and verizon's network hasnt slowed down at all.

      Your also basing all of your argument on the simultaneous "talk and surf" feature GSM provides as opposed to CDMA. Really? Are you that bored of a person that you have to surf the internet while talking to them?

      You also make it seem like Verizon has absolutely no experience in handling a high end smartphone. Uh…Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Incredible, Samsung Facsinate? . Its been proven that all of these phones use up more bandwidth than the iphone. I honestly do not think the iphone would cripple Verizon's network when its already not flinching from the current load. Not to mention the tablets coming to it: iPad and Samsung Tab, and a possible Chrome Tablet.

      You state LTE is the solution to this problem. Using that logic your saying an iphone wouldnt arrive on the network until 2013 when Verizon's LTE footprint will cover all of its 3G. LTE isnt complete anyway, so I doubt Apple would want to be a lab mouse to an incomplete product.

      iPad being sold by Verizon, now. This is a pretty good indicator that Apple is opening up to Verizon, and will probably have an iphone of SOME type ready for them next year.

    • shaffti

      I don’t think you have any idea what you are blathering about. Your argument assumes every iphone user gets on the web when they talk on the phone. Wrong. I have sent text messages and even played games on my droids while on calls but it’s nit the first thing I do when I make a call. Verizon is ont tuning at about 40% capacity now, even with millions of droids. Their architecture if just plain better. And nit to mention the fact that they have the entire 700 mhz band

  • Alice

    AT&T will probably lose about 5 millions customers (including me).

    Sorry, AT&T… I gave you 3 *YEARS* to "improve" your network.

    Far too little, far too late.

  • stan

    Maybe the dropped calls are a problem with the iPhone not the Networks ?

    • It is not true. My son have a Sony and he have same AT&T problems

    • marian

      definitely agree! iPhone 4 isn't that great of a phone….it's a nice mini computer but a crappy phone. verizon will feel it on their network once this phone goes there. if people hate at&t so much, then switch carriers and stop putting up with it because you love your iphone so much.

  • Martha

    AT&T are upgrading? Far more happier? Don't you people have editors?

    • john

      "NY Times suggest" ? "Stress of their network" ? "We have recently came across" Pathetic how uneducated some of our writers have become…

  • johnDoe

    Sounds like "My daddy can beat up your daddy" – – with the incompatibility of the devices, NO ONE can change providers w/o a new purchase – – GRRR! Will you buy a new device on the off-chance that it MAY get better??? (what if it gets worse 🙂 )


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