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Verizon iPhone 4 Launch Concern: Problem With BlackBerry

Over the past few days Verizon has been saying that the launch of their version of the iPhone 4 will go ahead without a hitch — famous last words we would say. The reason we say this is because AppleInsider believes that a recent glitch with BlackBerry could be a “cause for concern.”

A number of Verizon customers who own a Blackberry handset said that they were having issues with the Internet, something that Big Red was quick to deny. There was an issue, but the carrier said that it only resulted in emails backing up for an hour — so how come they have gone all defensive?

This minor glitch if true will come as bad news, because every little detail of the network is being closely watched, as there are fears that they could suffer the same problems that AT&T had when the iPhone 4 first launched. That is not the only issue, Verizon will not know if their servers will be able to handle the onslaught on their website once pre-orders go live.

MarketWatch has said that Motorola has already expressed its concern over poor sales due to a yet to be released iPhone. We already know that sales of Verizon handset have dropped in anticipation of the fourth-generation iPhone, which has to be a reason why the carrier is very guarded about any possible issue. We are still not convinced that sales will be as much as expected, as some customers are not certain if they should wait for the iPhone 5 — although not certain if Big Red will get it right away.

AT&T customs will soon be able to jump ship and trade-in their iPhone for the Verizon version, more detils can be found here.

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • FJobsinthAw IPhone

    My problems started January 27th, as soon as I upgraded to Version 6 of the OS for my 9650. Every time it re-acquires signal, it re-registers my BBry as a new device, it started sending me a Yahoo email from ten years ago over and over again, and now it will not let apps function because it is telling me my plan does not allow web service (I have an unlimited data plan). I've been on the phone with Verizon, who told me I have to wipe the phone, since re-activating my network didn't solve the problem. Since wiping my phone took too long, they hung up and offered to call me back. I don't even own an i-phone and am getting f–cked by Apple. Steve Jobs can eat it.

  • morpheusx

    iphone users are known to be bandwidth hogs, On AT&T about 50% of smartphones are iphone yet they suck up 90% of the bandwidth. I can't wait to see the VZ people crying about their data problems. (and it affects everybody not just iphone customers by the way)


    I have been having problems for over a month. So have all my friends and even my employer… It's ONLY been in the last month. More dropped call in this ONE month than in the last 6 years combined. Voice mail problems. Calls not going through. It's been like, well, like I was on ATT or Sprint.

  • Joe

    Evidently you have no problems spelling either. I noticed this glitch last night when I ordered something and waited for the confirmation e-mail for an hour on my BB, checked my e-mail on my laptop and I had received the e-mail right after I placed the order. It was another half hour until I received the e-mail on my BB. Point is, who knows for sure whose fault it was, I doubt VZW would admit if they were. My “Bold” has been s**ting the bed for the past couple month, and the past week has been freezing at least twice a day. This is my 3rd Tour and “Bold” in the past year and a couple months. I’m looking forward to the iPhone upgrade reserve on the 3rd. I’m sure those Android phones are just as good and if not perform better, but honestly I’m all about looks, and the iPhones looks and feels much nicer than some of the Driods. BB’s looks and performance are dated and they’re dinosaurs. I’m just praying the VZ will be able to hand all the data! =D

  • grego

    Wireless networks have problems sometimes. Even if Ur the largest “most reliable” network..this does not make u immune to hiccups..the ifone would use the same amount of data that a Droid would. If this page has news to report. Why not post something that actually has some worth. I own a vzw fone and have no problems and especially not with web browsing.


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