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Verizon iPhone 4: Consumers prepared to wait – Survey

We know that the Verizon iPhone remains a key priority for a lot of smartphone owners in the US, but just how many of you are holding out for the still unannounced device? A new survey has been published, giving us some feedback on the Verizon iPhone.

As reported from Apple Insider, a new survey has been compiled by market research firm Morpace, and they reveal that key interest in the Verizon iPhone has mostly come from existing Verizon customers.

According to their survey of 1000 consumers, 29 percent of those surveyed said they were somewhat or very likely to pick up the iPhone if it were to become available on Verizon. The survery also revealed that 51 percent of current Verizon owners are ‘waiting’ for the iPhone 4 to arrive on the network.

Does this spell trouble for the likes of Sprint and AT&T? Let us know your thoughts on this, full article over at Apple Insider.

Written by Alan Ng

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  • Brian Huber

    I AM WAITING I want to upgrade but I will wait. The people at the Verizon stores downplay it and want you to get a Driod X with a 2 year contract which means you would have to wait to get it, I waited this long I for one willl wait a little longer….

  • Spaz

    I think Verizon getting the I phone 4 will be a benefit for anyone who wants the phone dosent have to choose at&t or nothing. As for dropped calls I hoped there fixed by then since there talking about coming back out with a redesign or something since the cases don't help and finally the talk and browse the web thing I don't see why anyone would want to do that, sounds kinda of pointless to me when no on uses that feature at all hardly.

  • Dave

    I've been using a Blackberry Storm for 2 years and a Blackberry for 6. I've been with Verizon (or its predecessors) since 1994. I've wanted the iphone for years and would have switched were it not for the service issues at AT&T. My 2 year contract is up this month. I'll wait for the Verizon version, assuming they finally bring it on board in January. If they don't, I'll switch to AT&T. Between our 4 phones and a PC card, I spend over $5k/year with Verizon. I'm tired of waiting for them to do what's best for me and work the iphone into their offerings.

  • Dane

    I have been waiting for Verizon to get the phone for 2 years now. I wouldn't care if the only got the 3gs. I would take that iphone over any new phone on at&t. AT&Ts service sucks and reception is horrible. Verizon…hear our call for help and make a deal with Apple.

  • I’m waiting for the Iphone my self to get to verizon. And the person that sead that you can’t make phone calls and use the web. Well your goin to be able to make a call with your phone with out droping a call that is for sure.

  • FutureIphoneOwner

    This will be the biggest news in smartphone if it happens. Our company for one still uses Palm Treo with Verizon hoping that when the iPhone arrives in Verizon, we will finally upgrade to iPhone. Our field engineers and sales people will be very happy.

  • Jdub

    Be very afraid, iPhone copycats! The real deal is coming…..

  • Josh

    With all of the negative comments on the service with At&t I think that as the iPhone expands to other carriers they too will feel the load of iPhone users. If your someone considering switching to verizon when they get the iPhone you should take into consideration that verizon's phones don't allow you to make calls and go online at the same time.

    • tubs

      Just got a droid x after leaveing at&t with my iPhone 3GS and learned that, its pretty lame not being able to talk and surf like i was capable on at&t but people also need to think about the fact that verizon maybe good in the U.S. but on a global scale at&t is 100x better. And if u plan to leave the country ever then at&t might be a bit better with there package deal witht he iphone allowing one to use it anywhere in the world that has avalible at&t service

  • Veronique

    Trust me there are A LOT of ATT customers who are holding off buying an iphone 4 in the hope they will FINALLY be able to change providers!!!! I will be first in line

    • Cheesy Snow



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