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Verizon iPhone – The Cause Of Early Android Launches?

Verizon has upped the ante when it comes to the amount of handsets they have launched this year, and there has been a bug push towards the end of the year. Big Red has even moved a few release dates forward, which has us wondering if they are making a space ready for the iPhone?

Nilay Patel from Engadget points to the fact that the Droid 2 Global did not get the chance to be officially announced before it was made available to purchase. Then there is the Droid Pro, this was meant to be pre-order only ready, for its November 18th release — so how come you can get buy it now?

I am sure that those of you wanting these new Android handsets will not complain, but there has to be a reason? Never before have I seen handsets offered up earlier than was said — although we know that some have been known to ship early due to error.

The speculation of the Verizon iPhone has been increasing week on week, with many media outlets suggesting a January 2011 release. There has been mixed reaction over Apple’s smartphone coming to Big Red, with some suggesting that they do not care and are now happy that they made the switch to Android.

Why do you think Verizon has been releasing their handsets early?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • i like is phone and i wont it how much is it

  • Matt

    Because T-Mobile is about to get the iPhone, and VZW wants to lock customers in before it happens. The writing is on the wall, iPhone accessories and micro-sim cards are already arriving at T-Mobile corp stores, and Apple has already been developing an iPhone that is UMTS Band IV for a carrier in Sasq. Canada. T-Mobile uses Band IV as well… I honestly don't see a VZW iPhone until decent LTE deployment… what would be the point?

  • Bay Area CA Male

    Peter Chubb should change his name to Pete S Chump because that is what he is!____Yes he is a chump and very bad author as proof lies in his gramatical errors!__Its sad how a critic can write so sad and bad. Just another chump iHater.____Pete S Chump obviously has not done his homework and is talking out of his ass, which means he sh*ts outta his mouth! "Talking up a load of crap"… LoL! (Yes I thought of that!)____And what do I mean, you might be asking?__Well MANY surverys, questionaires, and reports have announced that up to, almost, or maybe even more than HALF of all VZW subs have indicated that they would buy an iPhone, switch to iPhone from the laughable droid, switch from a non-smartphone, and some even leave their current carrier to join the vPhone team!____Also, this comment regarding Verizon even wanting the iPhone…__I guess Mr CHUMP, ever more ignorent… Did not read any of the several articles stating that VZW CEO Ivan S… said "we have to earn the iPhone" and "at some point our interests will align".____Mr Chump, PLEASE keep your TRASH off the inernet.

  • Joe

    They probably are not getting the iPhone and they are stuck with the shitty Droid phones!

  • Jasen

    a good old bug push


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