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Uncharted PS4 collection inevitable

The Uncharted PS4 collection is inevitable thanks to a dedicated fan base and many other titles already going this route. This includes Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Microsoft’s Halo Collection, and The Last of Us Remastered, so it’s highly likely that Sony and Naughty Dog will want to see the Uncharted series given a PS4 collection.

There’s many reasons why it’s a really good idea to launch remastered versions of PS3 games on the PS4 at least, and one of the biggest reasons is the lack of backwards compatibility. It’s true that a cloud based solution with PlayStation Now is welcomed, but whole collections with extra retail features will be a must for the biggest fans.

Gamers know the possibilities with renewed versions like 1080p support, 60 frames per second, better shadows and antialiasing, a longer draw distance in some games to make worlds look bigger, and if we’re lucky some developers might add new content and gameplay features. Physics could also be improved with some games, although how far developers go will depend on resources and expected profitability.

Would you purchase the Uncharted PS4 collection if it did release? What collections or remastered games would you purchase on PS4, or is Uncharted the only series you want right now?

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I would probably buy it. I think it will be announced at Gamescom and released in December, since that month is pretty empty for Sony. I would also love a Ratchet And Clank Future Collection and Starhawk to come over to PS4.


Please be true. I still play U3 coop arena 2 hours every night. I would love the Uncharted Trilogy remastered so I can enjoy it again going forward in a new light. They are classic games set in a brilliant universe with great characters. I would hate it all to end with the move up to PS4. Naughty Dog used The Last Of Us remaster to port the Uncharted game engine to PS4 which will help U4 and make a trilogy remaster a lot easier pull off.

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