Uncharted 4 1.20 update for next major features

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2017

Naughty Dog are keeping Uncharted 4 players happy with a steady stream of post-release updates which seem to be arriving within a pattern of once a week. We now look ahead to the next Uncharted 4 update which should be version 1.20 on PS4 and hopefully a much feature-rich one in terms of new content for players to enjoy.

Uncharted 4 version history: The current version of the game is now v1.19 which Naughty Dog issued on December 16, 2016. In this update they issued more bug fixes and balanced many of the weapons in Survival mode.


Judging by social media feedback, many players are surprised by the stability of multiplayer mode with some complaints coming in that Uncharted 4 crashes a lot and are still looking for fixes on this.

Players are also getting kicked out of Uncharted 4 multiplayer often, so we’re guessing that Naughty Dog are working hard to improve things further.

New Uncharted 4 changes for update 1.20: We knew that the single-player campaign would be the main focus as it always is, but are you happy with the quality of multiplayer right now?

Tell us what you want to see fixed for the next Uncharted 4 update and check back with this page regularly as we’ll update it with the Uncharted 4 1.20 patch notes once they are live – this could happen on a Friday if they are keeping to the same pattern that we have seen in previous weeks.

Leave a comment if Naughty Dog actually skip to Uncharted 4 version 1.21 as they been known to jump ahead on builds on occasion!

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  • Melodyplay

    Great, I just updated the game to 1.20 and now it won’t connect to Multiplayer. Getting error message, failed to download latest live data, check your internet connection. I see this also in the ND forums already so it is a problem for some.

  • Алексей Дунаев

    After latest update, to v 1.20 game is not working… Tell :” failed to download latest data. Please check your internet connection and try again”…but Internet is working, and other games working too….please help!!!!

  • Melodyplay

    Just Great!, I just updated the game to 1.20 and now it won’t connect to Multiplayer. Getting error message, failed to download latest live data, check your internet connection. The firewall on my router is off, Any ideas?

  • 挺好的,祝你快乐

  • NgTurbo

    Wow survival! What does everyone think?

  • NgTurbo

    Last two patches arrived within a week of each other, so it’s good to see Naughty Dog releasing new patches whenever they deem necessary. Next up is 1.18, what does everyone wanna see?

  • Hamza Shàhid

    I cant download 1.15 it says “cannot download” every time I try to do it

    • Trevor Adair

      I had that also. I found that I had to delete something(s) to make room & then it downloaded.

  • NgTurbo

    Patch 1.15 is now live for Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog has been a bit well, naughty and skipped 1.14. Nice to see PS4 Pro support added! What do you guys think of the update?

    • Hamza Shàhid

      Hey plz any help??? I cant download it?

      • Trevor Adair

        See my reply to Hamza Shahid.

  • NgTurbo

    Patch 1.13 is live! Added the patch notes above as usual. What does everyone think about the new update?

  • NgTurbo

    What needs to come next after this massive patch? Naughty Dog doing a great job with post content

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, Uncharted 4 1.12 is live! Added the full patch notes above.. hope you guys enjoy Season 2 and the new Devon map

  • Mustafa Almaruany

    We need to see in the next update New wapens ,new skens and new steckers

  • banuk

    hey, add more points for win in ranks deathmatch and less points for lose, and more more artifacts, and lower price for packs, 3000 or 2000 artifacts for 1 pack?! WTF

  • Cpt.Kirk

    Ability to see everyone’s rank and be able to look at how many kills and deaths you have. Also would be nice to add co-op modes.

  • GamerGuy86

    I love the multiplayer but this latest patch with skill matchmaking makes it so hard to find a match and not only that when you do find a match it places you with high pinging 2 and 3 bar players. Makes the game no fun. I preferred the 1.10.06 patch

    • Fartemis

      Match making is worse then ever after this update. Either I’m thrown into a losing match in progress or I’m matched against a clan of sweaty try hards. There’s no in between anymore

  • Dave

    I got bored on this game, once you finish the single player the PVP is so slow and clunky it’s worst then Epic gears of war engine and that one is pretty slow and clunky,

    Naughty Dog skip this PVP nonsense and come up with the single player expansion that I payed for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohammad

    Split Screen Plz

  • NgTurbo

    Version 1.11 patch notes added above guys! Enjoy

  • NgTurbo

    What does everyone want to see in the next Uncharted 4 update? Version 1.11 I’m guessing?

  • Nicholas Peter Urgero

    They need to add wayyyy more medals. And not just feature them in team deathmatch

  • Jeff Bootsma

    Please add turn off motion blur!!! I want to continue playing this without the blur!!!

    • James Oneill

      Is motion blur something you can reduce in settings or does this game have added blur for all motion?
      I’ve been thinking something is wrong with my Samsung PN64F8500 plasma TV because of so much blur when I rotate camera angles quickly.

  • NgTurbo

    Next Uncharted 4 update could be this Friday, place your bets now guys.

  • schoni

    hope they’r gonna fix the trophy bugs (speedrun for example) soon, can’t even plat this game.

  • Sanjay

    I love uncharted 4, except for the fact there is no leveling system. I don’t think I’m going to play this game for a long time, and all that because I like to grind on my score en get my level up as high as possible to show of to my friends. I like the idea of ranked tdm what gives us some more competition. But by only giving the ranked tdm mode a ”rank”, other game modes will be seen as boring to the competitive players like me, because what am I playing for at regular? a weapon? some point maybe?

    The point is, the players that like to grind for the score and play this game like beasts don’t get recognision anymore. You can only see the how much someone played the mp, based on his weapon? that’s not status for someone who played hours for that gun. Please give us our beloved leveling system back. You nailed it at Uncharted 2 & 3, now 4 has the possibility to overclass those like it should. But not without a leveling system.

    I hope you’ll take the time to read this and think about it.

  • Dave

    sony uncharted forums is full of people with textures bugs, game crashes and unable to start uncharted 4, and.. they are very salty since it’s PS4 hardware issue and none of them want to change their PS4

  • NgTurbo

    New update is live guys, looks like they are releasing every 7 days? Full patch notes above for those that still need them.

  • anonymous

    RANKING SYSTEM, I feel I’m playing for no reason. a ranking system is a MUST!! get rid of ranked team deathmatch and put a real ranking system in.
    More gametypes (elimination would be nice and classic mode)
    Change the spawning to avoid team traveling in groups together
    Before match map selection, the random map choosing is horrible. most of the time I get the same three maps over and over

    Doesnt have to be in:
    Classic mode for most if not all gametypes, so basically a classic command,elimination,plunder. not just classic team deathmatch
    Chain reaction from uncharted 2
    Buff the shotgun, 4 bullets to the back point blank and no down is unacceptable.

    Uncharted has been my favorite game since the outstanding uncharted 2 multiplayer but i feel that im getting bored in uncharted4 because of the lack of ranking and 3 gametypes. I feel naughty dog can do better and will by releasing the content promised on the multiplayer DLC roadmap.

  • Dustin Seekins

    There needs to be a ranking system

  • Brutal_joel

    There needs to be a classic mode where’s there is no downs, sneak attacks instead of the stupid grappling hook and add the t-bolt back. Also these maps are to open. Uncharted 2 and 3 had buildings and towers where you can climb but uncharted 4 is just a big sandbox with some buildings. So here’s hoping for classic maps

  • Brutal_joel

    A leveling system needs to be added. Why take out something that was on the last 2 games. The rank system is trash especially if you can’t play with friends of their not the same rank.

  • lKilos

    not really happy with the multiplayer, the leaderboards are broken, we have no leveling system, rank games are boring we get nothing for reachin diamond 1 and there isn’t any goals to achieve in multiplayer which makes the game boring all in all.

  • Jake

    I have issues with the challenge system sometimes i wont get new daily challenges for a few days rather than the 24 hour mark. Leveling systems would be cool but people might complain for it to be too similar to COD but its a solid feeling of accomplishment when prestiging and leveling up weapons.

  • Kyle Fox

    Could I get A comment explaining why everyone exactly wants a leveling system? I think it is gold that it doesn’t have one; it doesn’t need it.

    • I3ordo

      you can find alot of level900+ players in tlou which are crap at the game it is unbelievable… levels means nothing

    • Sanjay

      I think the most people want this, to get some recognition for their grinding at that game. It’s like your playing a game of cards each time and just repeat.

  • krimzon

    ever since 1.04 update I cant join my friends open parties :/ wth

  • Tim Compton

    When will there be a co-op/split screen campaign mode added in?This is all I ask for in Uncharted 4.

    • Jacob Bart

      Fall this year.

  • Blake Rizzo

    Jesus. Don’t do this update. It erased my saved data. I play games for the single player mode and I’m now out 10 hours of my life. I bought the game to play through it and have fun. Playing through the last 10 hours of gameplay immediately after just doing it is distinctly not fun. There better be some fix or recovery option for this or I’m stuck here with a $65 brick.


  • Alex

    The real question is does it patch the exploits? Currently working through my first playthrough on 1.03 so I can do the speedrun/sharpshooter exploits.

    • mobkingDC123 .

      You do know this can never truly be patch as long as it exist you can delete patch and play offline for a while till your able to do it, uncharted 1, 2 and 3 had this issue and even god of war 3 but all due to all being under same engine so same system of how it works.

      • Alan

        not if you have digital version… patches are included in the game download and are not seperate

      • Alex

        Yeah I beat game on 1.03, did the exploit on 1.00, got 4 trophies out of the deal. I know Uncharted 1-3 Remastered allow for using tweaks without disabling trophies, if i delete updates, but what’s this about god of war?

        • mobkingDC123 .

          Very similar thing, you beat game do trails and kill yourself till game till tells you do you want to continue you say yes and itl boot you out to main menu do hardest difficulty and i recall your immortal but i believe you keep your powers? I recommend youtubing it, ive not done it ina long time since ps3 but works similar on ps4

  • Shane Knights

    and in this post you said we players get a surprise today when you say that i am sure 70 percent of the players are thinking its a leveling system in 1.04

    • Kyle Fox

      I definitely do not need this.

  • Shane Knights

    we need a leveling system for multiplayer. players love to see their rank increaseas it urges them to play a whole lot more including myself.

    • matthew

      We don’t need a leveling system, or at least a public leveling system. As once in the loby all players already know who has the better team if they are by far out ranked or vice versa. Were as going into the game with a belief you are the best as nothing suggests otherwise, until your whole team is destroyed by some unsung hero(no public level). Only then you will learn to never underestimate the enemy reguardless of rank.

  • Dustin Seekins

    I like FlackoRican’s idea of a leveling up system that would make multiplayer better.

  • FlackoRican

    Can we have a leveling up system plz

  • DaveDuncan23

    Had a lot of issues with multiplayer while streaming via YouTube on the ps4. No issues with any other games. Singleplayer streams fine but I last about 2 mins in a multiplayer match if I’m streaming it at the same time.

  • Pennywise

    Still no leveling system pshh, I’ll keep to playing DOOM until they add it

    • evilfangs .

      Why does xp added up to give to level 1 than level 2 matter?

  • Mik

    more outfits for the characters in multiplayer to get or to buy would be great

    • evilfangs .

      You can’t have got them all already?

      • awesome_farts

        Yes he could’ve, I got half of them just by doing all the trials, minus 3 last ones on crushing difficulty. And doing all 3 daily challenges.

        Otherwise, winning matches only rewards you 10 relic points and that WILL take you a LONG time to get everything.

      • Lucas Pereira

        I have all characters (hero and villian) all skins, all special skins, all taunts, all objects, all weapon skins everything from costumization I have… only with relics, I didn’t buy one single uncharted point. They should add a few things here and there with every patch

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    Does this finally fix the speed-run trophy exploit that many people are using?

  • Matthew Hobin

    people who have the game crashing frequently. should put their ps4 into safe mode and reindex the file system. did that after a crash and the game has yet to crash again. basically reindexing the file system is like defragging the hard drive. I found doing this once every couple of months keeps the playstation running smooth and heads off issues like crashing in games.

    • elwyn5150

      The biggest problem is multiplayer lag. There’s a bug in their network code that incorrectly thinks that the connection is laggy so the player freezes.

      • Matthew Hobin

        see this is funny I never experience a multiplayer disconnect so far. had some minor lag occasionally but nothing major. and played for several hours after todays patch and been really smooth no lag at all. now I don’t use the wi fi on my ps4 at all I have it wired directly to my cable modem/router. I know that make some difference. because a couple times when I used wifi connection in the past on other games like destiny I would lag. wi fi is prone from interference. and the more devices using wifi in the house the more it affects it. and that’s due to most routers use one antenna to send and receive the wi fi on different channels but can only handle so much data at a time and starts dividing up between devices and eventually it bogs down you could say. its just a limitation with it. wi fi just isn’t for heavy online games like shooters unless its the only wifi device being used.

        • elwyn5150

          I think 1.03 introduced the lag problems such that every 10 seconds they appeared. 1.04 fixed them mostly. I played 3 games today and only had they come up twice.

    • Viren Patel

      Is that the same as rebuilding the database. Or is it initialising it?

      • Matthew Hobin

        yeah rebuilding the database is what I ment

        • Viren Patel

          Yep did that last night. Switched it off, let it sit for 15 mins and works smooth as butter now. Thanks

        • Matthew Hobin

          cool, glad to hear it. I do that with mine every other month whether it needs to or not to keep it running smooth.

    • Marc Docherty

      many of us have tried this and other things and still cant play the game

  • Viren Patel

    Crashes.Can’t get past the first loading page. Still on the first chapter. This has to be the biggest anti climax ever. Before it crashed every 10mins. Now can’t even play it

    • Summit-Fi HeadphonesMasterRace

      Your PS4 is dying, or really dirty…

      • Viren Patel

        All other games work fine. Just this one is playing up

        • Summit-Fi HeadphonesMasterRace

          There’s a comment here that gives a suggestion as to what to do. You should read it and try doing that. 🙂

    • Matthew Hobin

      rebuild you database if that does help. then I would delete the game and reinstall it as something may not have installed correctly the first time. (its rare but it happens usually when downloading a patch and if there was a a hiccup in you connection which can corrupt part of a download)

      • Viren Patel

        Rebuilding database worked like a peach

  • Saad Al Bloushi

    Got it now.. Single player as smooth as the butter.

  • FourFan

    How long does it take?

  • FourFan

    I am

  • NgTurbo

    Uncharted 4 1.04 PS4 update has just gone live, May 20. Anyone installing?

    • Kwnstantinos Delis

      Me right now

      • Kwnstantinos Delis

        Just completed it