Treyarch Thanks COD: Black Ops Fans on Facebook

When Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch posted a simple thank you to their fans on the popular social networking website Facebook recently, I don’t think they were quite expecting the response they got. In fact, the message of gratitude appears to have backfired on them.

As you all know, the Call of Duty: Black Ops game has suffered several issues since it was first released last November, despite the fact of having received numerous patches. As Luke Connolly from reports, fans decided to use Treyarch’s message as an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Soon after Treyarch posted their thank you message (for surpassing 5 million fans on the website), the Facebook page — which you can view here — was awash with criticism. For example, one person suggested that Treyarch didn’t have 5 million fans, but 5 million people waiting for the game to be fixed.

Some even went as far as describing the COD: Black Ops game as the worst Call of Duty title ever, while others complained about the DLC being overpriced. What do you think Treyarch made of all the negative Facebook comments it received?

Written by Tina Chubb

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honestly trearch might be one of the worst game producers out there black ops is a disgrace to call of duty its to the point where i just feel like selling it…. trearch please dont make anymore call of duty game thanks


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Haters gonna hate. Yeah theres problems, but live with it and wait for them to be fixed or return the game. Also the DLC price is set buy activision not treyarch. So by blaming treyarch you just show how little you know.

Karl Dove

america civil war Call of Duty 9 go back in times 1864!

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