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Touch gimmick for new MacBook Pro

Now that Apple has upgraded the iPad their next device waiting for a refresh is the MacBook Pro and while we may think the usual suspects will see an improvement, such as the CPU and graphics there’s also another possibility, a touch gimmick. There have been rumors like this before but we wonder if there could actually be some truth to the possibility this time, as we know that touch will feature heavily with Windows 8, which is due for release in October of this year?

Apple were not the first to offer touchscreen devices but what they did was improve on it with the original iPhone, and since then we have seen all sorts of devices upgraded so that people are able to control smartphones, tablets, PC’s and much more just with the gesture of thier fingers. Microsoft are still on their back foot and need to find ways to get back on top and they believe that Windows 8 being more reliant on touch is the way to go, so one would assume Apple would do the same with their upcoming products, and with Mac OS X Mountain Lion being inspired by the iPad you have to wonder if there will be touch support?

We have seen in the past that Windows 7 was able to support touch but for those of you who have tried it there’s a long way to go, but then again a lot of that is down to the third-party hardware. Personally I feel the idea of having a touchscreen on a MacBook Pro is a bit of a gimmick because after playing with a few Windows PC’s it just doesn’t feel right. Having touch on a tablet is perfect because the tasks that you perform are pretty basic, but on your main computer things need to be far more precise and using your finger to do fine details is never going to work — well not yet anyway.

Having said that it’s hard to ignore the potential of the technology and with Apple putting in a patent back in 2010 it’s hard to ignore the fact that they’re considering it. Apple also has plans to increase the resolution of the MacBook Pro screen to that of the iPad, so it does make sense that they are trying to make their notebook more like their iOS devices.

Personally we feel that Apple will wait at least another year if they were thinking of implementing touchscreen on to their MacBook Pro devices, just until they can gauge how popular the technology will be on Windows 8 laptops. This goes back to Apple not worrying about being the first because they would rather wait and get it right – if they ever do it at all.

What’s more practical than touchcsreen? The smart money would be a sort of MacBook Pro and Air hybrid, so we should expect a much slimmer unibody for the former. Okay so we know that the Pro will lose that little something that has made it stand out but everyone would agree that it’s been long overdue to go on a diet. However, there’s a worry that Apple maybe taking a step back with the graphics becasue while we thought they were moving away from AMD and going with NVIDIA, it now seems like they could be going for an integrated Intel Ivy Bridge graphics instead.

Where do you stand on the whole touchscreen saga and what would be the perfect graphics setup for you with the upcoming MacBook Pro 2012 refresh? One thing we do know though, Apple has been very aggressive with their pricing in recent years, but don’t expect any MacBook Pro sale deals because they just won’t be there — not unless you are looking to purchase an outgoing model from stores looking to get rid of old stock.

Below we have three videos for you, the first is a simple way for you to create a working touchscreen on a current MacBook Pro, the second is an animation of what such a device would look like if ever released and the final video is footage of a Dell Latitude E6420 running with Windows 8 with full touchscreen support.

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