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Total War: Shogun 2 Patch Coming Soon – Full Patch Notes Unveiled

Back in April we announced that the hugely popular strategy game Total War: Shogun 2 was due to receive an update sometime in May. The only details we knew about the patch at the time was the fact that it would contain a number of bug fixes, as well as add DirectX 11 support.

Now we have a bit more good news for all you Total War: Shogun 2 fans out there, as the full patch notes for the upcoming update have now been unveiled. According to a recent article by Tim Edwards over on the website, the patch also brings 4 new multiplayer maps to the PC game.

The DirectX 11 support will allow for very high quality shadow maps, enhanced depth of field and anti-aliasing amongst other things. The upcoming patch contains extensive bug fixes including a fix for stacking effects and a fix for the rare crash that occurred when placing mines in naval battles.

It’s also made an adjustment to the AI, in order to make it harder for the AI to use cavalry against spearmen. The update also contains a fix for the issue in which drop-in ambushes weren’t starting properly if the player under ambush pressed ‘Start Battle’ first.

Besides the extensive bug fixes, improvements and adjustments, the update also contains the following multiplayer maps: Flood Plains, Hida Mountain, Aki and Sanriku Ria. You can about the full patch notes via the website. Have you been waiting to hear more about the upcoming update?

Written by Tina Chubb

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