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Any product which you use on a daily basis is bound to get dirty over time, especially touchscreen devices – well Todd Gabel, founder and CEO of Toddy Gear, came up with a simple solution which he has called the Toddy Cloth, we have been using the Toddy Cloth for a few weeks now, so thought we would tell you all about it.

So what is the Toddy Cloth? Well, think of it as a cloth which has been designed specifically to clean and buff your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, game controller, digital camera, GPS or monitor. What makes it so special? Well it has two different sides, one is a plush microfiber material which cleans surfaces, whilst the other side is made from silk microfibre – this is for buffing and polishing your devices.

The Toddy Cloth is hydrophilic and has an antimicrobial coating, this helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria – best of all your Toddy Cloth does not require the use of any cleaning sprays, it does it all, so simply wipe your product with the plush microfiber side, buff it with the slik microfiber side and voila – your product is now clean. If you think the Toddy Cloth needs a clean, just machine wash it (cold) and tumble dry it on low. (Below you can see the two different grades of microfibre)

Around the house we tried out the Toddy Cloth on multiple smartphones, a home telephone, HDTV, various game controllers, a computer monitor, a pair of sunglasses, a laptop and much more, it has to be said that unless a product was seriously grimy the results were great, especially on touchscreen displays – once used the Toddy Cloth removed dust, hairs, oily fingerprints / smudges and much more, but most sticky marks were harder to remove.

Our HDTV collects dust in the living room, but you can get rid of all of the dust and buff it up with ease using the Toddy Cloth – in fact my digital receiver, OnLive console, Xbox 360 and HDTV have never been so clean – it takes a lot longer to clean and polish all of these devices with standard cloths and cleaning sprays, not to mention the fact that sprays and electronic products do not mix well!

The Toddy Cloth is by no means a must-have product, but in locations where multiple people use touch-screen devices it is well worth getting, also if you are worried about germs and bacteria you could keep the Toddy Cloth with you and clean any surfaces which you have to come in contact with – such as ATM machines etc. We think every home has a use for the Toddy Cloth, if your child has a cold and plays games on your tablet or smartphone you can quickly wipe it down, if your laptop’s display is a bit grimy your Toddy Cloth can restore its original shine in no time, likewise if you have friends coming over and your TV has collected dust why get out the cleaning products when the Toddy Cloth can do the hard work for you?

There are lots of uniquely designed Toddy Cloths to choose from, in fact you can also add your own custom branding to Toddy Cloth (see here). 5 x 7-inch Toddy Cloths are available on Amazon for $9.99, whilst 9 x 9-inch cloths will cost you $14.99 – there is no reason why your Toddy Cloth shouldn’t last you years!

Why not head over to Amazon to buy yourself a Toddy Cloth here. You can find out more over at Below you can see two more photos of the Toddy Cloth.

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Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

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