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Thief review on Xbox One, PS4

Thief by developer Eidos Montreal is an upcoming stealth title expected to release worldwide over the next couple of days and will be a revival of the Thief series as the fourth game. While many gamers may be unaware that the series has produced previous titles we are eager to see what is being said about this prior to its imminent release.

Today we have embedded a couple of video reviews for Thief on next-gen systems and the first one lasts around 15 minutes long and focuses on the PS4 version. In the video we get to hear two presenters converse about their experiences and they both talk about this dark title that can be quite depressing at times.

They feel that Garrett is not the kind of main character that brings any kind of immersion expected from a protagonist, and they both question why he has no real dialogue and nothing that players want to invest their time in. We also get the impression the PS4 version doesn’t have that next-gen feel to it and this is more like a PS3 title.

As they run through the negatives they also highlight a few positives like the weather effects that are great and the character’s movements that are also very good, but the good points seem very few and far between. They question the identity of this not regarding it as a game in its own right and this gives them reason to award it with a poor score of 6.5 out of ten.

While the review regards this as having the worst dialogue ever, the story does slowly become better but it is a confusing game to play even though it has plenty of potential. The second review is for the Xbox One version and this is discussed by those who have played games from the original franchise.

In this, they talk about the side missions on offer and mention how there is not much direction, as gamers are bound to get lost at some point. They also talk about this game being based around a previous generation title and there is plenty of fumbling around as there is not real direction when it comes to what you should be doing next.

Negatives come in the way of annoying loads and loss of navigation, while positives revolve around the challenging gameplay and amazing visuals and sound. Overall they have awarded Thief with a more impressive score of 8.5 out of ten on the Xbox One and regard it as a fun title for anyone that enjoyed the original Thief.

Only last week we discussed that the Thief release date on PS4 and Xbox One was just days away and this game will also be available on Xbox 360, PS4 and PC platforms. In North America Thief will launch tomorrow the 25th February, and Australians will see this two days later on the 27th February.

European gamers will not see the release until the end of the week with the scheduled time of arrival being 28th February. Were you expecting Thief to attract more positive reviews? Alternatively, do the reviews have an effect on whether you will be getting Thief on the next-gen system?

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Written by Marlon Votta

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