The What Would I Say app for Facebook

The What Would I Say app will create a new Facebook status update using a computer algorithm, which takes a look at your history of messages and then publishes a new status update based on these.

This just seems like another one of those Facebook status update games, but would you really want to risk your reputation on the What Would I Say app providing the correct message? It seems like thousands of people will and this has been seen in its success so far.

It is worth noting that the website created for the What Would I Say app is currently down at the time of writing, although it was created by some Princeton graduate students. If you see the app come back up, then give it a go and see what message you are given after clicking “Generate Status”.

After we had a quick play with generating a number of messages, it seems that you can gain a lot more fun from creating Facebook status updates this way rather than reading messages from others. You wonder what the app will create for you next.

We should note that you are given the message before you post the Facebook status update, so you do have time to consider if it’s the right then to publish.

If you have used the What Would I Say app, then we would love to see some quotes of Facebook status updates it offered you in the comments.

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