All Sun Holiday codes for July 2017

- Jul 17, 2017

The Sun holiday codes back again for another year, giving you a wonderful opportunity to book a holiday for you and the family for an unbeatable price. The first Sun £9.50 Holiday code for 2017 is already live and the second code and all future codes will be posted for you here as soon as possible. If you want to book a cheap holiday for 2017 this is the best way to do it without a catch – you just need to collect the codes!

As we have seen in previous years, you have to collect all of the codes as they are given out in The Sun newspaper. We will do that work for you though and simply post all official codes below so you just have to collect them and decide where you want to book this year.

There are nine Sun Saver codes via the Sun Savers app to collect from July 8 to August 1 and destinations this year include parks in the UK, Switzerland, France, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and many more – see the full list here!

Once you have all 10 The Sun Holiday codes for 2017 you will be able to enter them online and book your holiday at this website.

Here are the The Sun Holiday codes so far for July 2017, make sure you make a note of them including the Bonus code!

Saturday 8th July: HENS

Sunday 9th July: PAST

Monday 10th July: TALL

Tuesday 11th July: FOOD

Wednesday 12th July: WOOD

Thursday 13th July: SHOP

Friday 14th July: HILL

Saturday 15th July: WENT

Sunday 16th July: LAMP

Monday 17th July: MATE

This page is updated as Sun Holiday Codes for July 2017 go live every day so keep checking back: You will also be able to access the list of parks and full booking information via the official website which you can do right away while you wait for us to post the codes.


As we’ve done previously, we will update our readers in regard to any problems the official Sun Holidays website has, which is expected the moment booking opens, although you just need to keep trying as things ease up once everyone stops trying at once. If you have any problems with the codes, The Sun website servers going down, or anything else then leave a comment below.

Bookmark this page, as you will find all of The Sun holiday codes above shortly and full 2017 holiday dates once details arrive.

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  • Sharon

    fifth code TINY!

  • tina

    the third code is belt!

  • Mike

    how to enter the codes on the website?

  • Stacey

    Thanks for the Bonus code! What time is the 2nd code live??

  • M

    can confirm code for 15th Jan 2017 is K8F6, booked this morning, still need a sun reference number.

  • d

    K8F6 is the 9th code and 10th code for priority bookers to use.

  • Si-MON

    The Bonus Code is already know as SWIM, I’m getting the newspaper this morning and will update here with the 7th Jan code if no-one else publishes first.

  • Rob

    thanks for updating us, need a cheap holiday for 2017, hopefully get something in the sun in Europe.

  • Lisa

    Can anyone tell me the 10 plz

  • Lisa

    I only have 9

  • Neah Bargery

    CHIP is missing from the above codes

  • Neah Bargery

    anyone have todays code yet 17th july, booking has opened but cant find the code

    • vicki

      I guess it will be once the newspapers go on sale… not sure what time this is though?? x

    • Mike

      The post has been updated now with all codes including today’s.

  • Keith Nixon

    can someone tell me all the codes so far please

    • Neil

      Hi, they are all in this post in the third para and this includes the code today PAGE.

  • marie collins

    missed todays paper.. has anyone got 12th code please

  • ellieangel

    if I’ve never used this before do I need a booking ref or something it’s asking for 5 codes when I’m trying to sign in as a first time user. Please help

    • Andy

      You need to wait till the 18th to book as you have not booked before. Wait till then and use the codes above pick a park and dates then book really easy good luck

      • ellieangel

        Thank you for your reply I wasn’t sure if I had to pre register or anything first. xx

        • Andy

          Nope you don’t need to pre reg just click on first time user then it will ask for the codes but not till the 18th 😃

  • Mike

    Today’s code is LILO.

  • Sol

    Thanks for the codes, just waiting for today’s update with the July 11th code.

  • Dan

    Bonus Code: warm
    9th July: DOOR
    10th July: WALK

  • 如果有一天,我潇洒死去,请记得,我来过这里!

  • Rob

    Anyone got today’s code, the first one for July codes that I think give you holidays for October School holidays.

  • Andy

    All the you need are listed above but just in case you can’t find it they are crab,duck,step,tree and g2r9

  • Melissa Forte Mackay

    Anyone got 5th code please I only have crab, duck, tree and g2r9

  • Tony

    5th code is G2R9.

  • Kdk

    5th code yet anyone?

    • Fay Oxley


  • Liza Hendy

    What’s the 5th code please anyone????

    • Sarah

      I don’t think it comes out until 24th

  • Ben

    The codes up to today are CRAB, DUCK, and the May 23 code is TREE.

    • Steve

      Crab is the bonus, they updated their article with correct order of codes.

    • Liza Hendy

      Do you know the 5th code please I’ve only got the 4 above. Many thanks