The Last of Us story DLC release date for teaser

There has been a number of tweets teasing The Last of Us story DLC reveal in the last 24 hours, and the release date for its world premiere trailer will be in 2 days time. On November 14 you can see the trailer for The Last of Us story DLC, which will take place at 11PM ET live on Spike TV during PS4 All Access and online as well.

The details arrived on the Twitter account of Geoff Keighley, the Spike TV host, and then around one hour later on the Twitter account of Neil Druckmann (The Games Director). The same evening, Naughty Dog tweeted a similar message for those that missed the news.


Sony might be focused on launching next-gen games for PS4, but it doesn’t mean they’re not also focused on looking after playing of existing projects. Sony has already confirmed support for PS3 and looking at how popular the PS2 was for years after PS3’s launch, you can expect to see content launch on PS3 for a number of years to come.

Will you be watching the reveal for The Last of Us story DLC on Thursday, and if you will be downloading this content who will you play as?

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