The Division 1.6, 1.11 PTS patch notes for Last Stand

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2017

Update: We are now ready for a massive new The Division update. It’s going live on PTS first as usual, so skip to the bottom of this article for details on The Division 1.6 patch notes which should also be the 1.11 PS4 and Xbox One patch notes later on.

Original article: We now look ahead to the next The Division update on console, which will be the 1.6 patch across all platforms, but should be The Division version 1.11 specifically for those playing on PS4 and Xbox One with 1.5 having now rolled out.

Previous updates: The Division update 1.10 arrived December 20 for PS4 and Xbox One after a long delay since it’s initial release on PC.

Ubisoft are constantly striving to improve the multiplayer experience online, but again with each update comes new problems so we want you to leave your feedback below.


With the 1.5 update now having rolled out on all platforms, leave a comment below on the next changes you want to see added to the game with The Division 1.6 or 1.11 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One.

Leave a comment simply telling us the changes and fixes you need to see to keep you playing on the servers.

Keep checking this page as we’ll update it as soon as Ubisoft release official information on the next The Division 1.11 patch.

Update: Ubisoft has released the full Division 1.6 PTS patch notes which will be going live on January 24. Reminder that Last Stand won’t be out immediately once the PTS is open, as Ubisoft has said that it will be deployed at a later stage during PTS testing.

Here’s the notes though specifically for Last Stand:


Meanwhile, here are the main Division 1.6 bug fixes listed by Ubisoft:


For the full patch notes including weapon balance changes in The Division 1.6, head to the official forum here. Let us know your reaction to the update and if you are happy with all of the changes.

Will this make you head back to the game and start playing every day once again?

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  • 除了膜拜,别无它言!

  • CUSP

    I’ve been an avid player of the game (since beta), but Survival is the most imbalanced I’ve seen to date. I get that it’s supposed to be hard, but I’m an avid player and I’m familiar with the phantom grenades, the unwanted sticky cover (who hasn’t yelled at the game saying “get off cover, get off cover, GET THE F**K OFF COVER DAMMIT!” or the inverse “Take cover! It’s a car/wall/what-have-you, I should be able to get cover here! GET THE F**K INTO COVER!”), the fact that the enemy has perfect aim in the driven snow, they always know where you are and often keep shooting at the wall between them and you, and they are sometimes able to shoot through those walls.

    Normally, as an agent, you have the resources to do something about the enemy acting like this, but in Survival, you don’t have those resources, so you’re faced with *take a bunch of damage while making pot-shots (see perfect aim in the snow above), or run away (mainly because your armor is like paper, and there’s little you can do about it) BTW, if you go into a safe house, your damage heals up to max. All of this is made extra stressful because you’ve got a very short timeframe to collect everything you need to survive in the dark zone (see teleporting ambushes above) and it seems a bit too short for the player to complete the task (extraction) partially due to the fact that hunters magically appear at the extraction zones to come mercilessly hunt you down and kill you (see bullet sponges above), and (let’s face it) the enemies are still bullet sponges. Random disconnects and teleport ambushes make this less about survival, and more about “being lucky.”

    For right now, I’m done until MASSIVE fixes their game. This is too much demand on a player with all the things that are still wrong with the game (I used to be a game tester and had to document where the gameplay got in the way of user enjoyment). Right now, it’s not all that fun to play because you’re constantly scrambling for every little thing, while attempting to beat the clock. Also, is anyone else wondering why they aren’t able to bring in their perfectly good, ready-to-go, agent into Survival?

    For the record, I made it an extraction ONCE, and the hunters killed me despite having Purple and Gold Armor, talents engaged, and actively using cover.

  • Gabriel Lobo

    After the 1.09 update (on last thursday) everytime I try to connect the game I get the error CE-34878-0. Bad move Ubisoft.. isn´t a PS4 system issue, that happened after your last update.

    • Michael Ward

      Hey mate. I have the same exact issue. Do you own any of the dlc? I was wondering whether or not owning the dlc has coursed the issue as I don’t own any dlc.


    Add me on psn: Pigsnuf

  • NgTurbo

    Hi guys, it’s been a long month waiting but new patch has just gone live on PS4! What does everyone think about 1.5 / 1.09?

  • NgTurbo

    What’s the next biggest thing that Ubisoft needs to add in the next update guys?

  • Me3879

    Just wished they make more intresting things to do DZ, more lage group based , or trapped go up in the lift , cant come down , fight way down , lvl by lvl , npcs get tougher and rewards get better , kinda thing, and why cant they produce weapons with better gear score or unique abilites weapons

  • NgTurbo

    The State of the Game show for 1.4 has been delayed, PTS also. No major update since July.. anyone getting worried about this game?

    • Oliver Queen

      Not at all.

  • Justaguy (JT)

    I’d like to see easier match making for HVTs… like they have for story missions. I also wish there was a save tag for gear and weapons so we don’t sell or deconstruct them by accident. I know I know… “pay attention” …but still.

  • Timothy Peabody

    Well, every time i log in it seems something has changed. I do not have a g36. Have not changed any gear items and my toughness went from 354k to 273k and dps from 218k to 220k and electronics from 17k to 11k. Wth are these people doing? Seriously thinking about ditching this game. Worked hard in game to get this balanced build and be able to survive the dz and now its back to square one.

  • sehsii

    when im searching for the last missing agents by the hideout the crypt it says not playable area and it resets me to base camp how do you want me to get the 2 last missing agents if the area is not playable?

  • Rak0717

    Whenever try to matchmaking for darkzone alway get agents where gearscore more than 230+ ,while i am on 209 gearscore … And cant play with them in darkzone due to different braces of darkzone … Any solution??

    • Johny

      You can still join their dz bracket go to group management and on their name hit join dz 231+ but its a hard dz or u can go on the reddit lfg or join a division community on ps4

    • gavin mcnabb

      transfer to that dz maybe or drop your gearscore below 201 so you will go to level down it is 201-241 or somethin i think so if u are in that range, u r stuck with higher agents.

      • gavin mcnabb

        that may not even make sense…… hope it does or just go to the group leader and transfer to their level maybe??? OR just find me in 5 minutes and we can run around and play the DZ or do missions together.
        Screen name; golfingavo1 (PS4) gear score is at 203 now but i can adjust it to fit our needs for the team!!

        • Rak0717


        • Rak0717

          Accept my friend request… I already send it… Thanks

  • Rak0717

    Whenever try to matchmaking for darkzone alway get agents where gearscore more than 230+ ,while i am on 209 gearscore … And cant play with them in darkzone due to different braces of darkzone

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, the 1.07 patch just went live on PS4. Change list has been added above, let me know if there’s any hidden changes!

  • Red Dog

    Keep getting kicked of map screen every time I move the cursor, then map will not open. Did not have this problem before 1.6 update thought they were supposed to fix the problems not add more without access to the map u pretty much can’t play the game properly. ??????!!!!.

  • Soldier Zero B

    Supposedly, there’s a new bug in the game that instantly kills you. It’s called “The Death Bug”.

    • Jeremy Wright

      yes its alive and well in various locations … also map now has stopped working so getting around is challenging. Silence from Ubisoft so far.

  • haidar alamri

    my friends left the game because it’s complicated loot . so many arms to wearing and you don’t know what is the best for u ….. make it easy, sample for dps , health and skills .

  • Chirky12

    Do they have go be such big patches! Disappointed I don’t get to play tonight.

  • NgTurbo

    Hi guys, PS4 update 1.06 is now live ! Downloading as we speak, changes have been added above. Let us know what you think!

  • NgTurbo

    Patch notes for 1.3 update are now live, added link above!

  • Josh Wheaton

    Shock turrets when fighting rogue are ridiculous. Using a shock turret doesn’t show how skilled of a player you are. Sticky bombs as well. It seems like everyone runs a build with shock turret and sticky bombs which make a rogue fight irrelevant when everyone is either shocked or dead because they arnt wearing final measure. Makes me want to switch games to were it takes skill to kill people not a turret. Thanks!

    • Contrast Muzic

      It’s part of the game just like shock granades and flame granades. I’m so sick of you whiners man. Ruin the game because all you do is cry about stuff. Just like the striker set is now ruined because you cry because someone took the time to build a sick set to drop people and you can’t have it because you can only play the game part time. Your a joke man. I hope you sell the game.

      • Jason Webster


      • Aric Green

        This guy speaks the truth man.

      • Rebeca

        I agree I hate idiots like that we every day players getting fuked cuz of cry baby 1 week players

      • Jonny

        For people with full time jobs and family, its hard. I worked hard to get gs 224. Now its shot to shyt. Cbf playing anymore. Best to get off the merry go round now and get out and about in your spare time.

    • THUG

      Get your shock resist up and they won’t freeze you. Get your exotic resist up and sticky bombs will only hurt a little. Rogues are easy it’s the Cleaners and LMB in DZ6 you need to worry about.

    • Rebeca

      If u get hit by turret then u noob any ways force the enemy to fight away from thier turret pop over heal if u know ur gona get hit and get behind something to avoid the turret once it releases u from the shock also if ur friends are dead then u prolly should go farm out side of dz to get better gear or just learn how to play:)

  • deathangel

    we need more DZ

  • Apedroid

    We need team death match.. and clan tags.. new game modes for online play would boost the game to a positive and impressive game, as of right now it’s sub par it was cool for a week then it just became lame. I need to fight people not A.I….

    • ENG342

      Well go and play Call of Duty with all the other 12 year olds.

      • Rebeca

        Well said 🙂 !!!

    • Rebeca

      Are u on Crack the pvp is the only reason I play this game I have 21k player kills look me up on division tracker xjennifertillyx

  • Gabe Douglas

    Burn resistance pretty much is irrelevant, enemy shotgun strength cmon man, and distance and damage of flame throwers is a little rediculous. Other than that hurry up with the paid dlc already.

  • Joe Nelson

    Dave get over ur self most real gamers can get every trophy in a week or less like me an none of the dlc’s have come out yet so just shut up an wait for the

  • Ramin BA

    4.5gb to fix UI problem where they added new content with the same size in the old patch. thats lame :/

    • hiyo

      You mean 10gb like WTF!!

  • Kryzpy

    Got platnium trophy on ps4 in under a week, this game is trash

    • Rebeca

      Fuk off don’t play it then with your negative mouth we don’t want u around any way stop being so rude I think they did a fantastic job with he division it’s the only game I play :(why are you people such crybabys like do the real everyday players even look at this crap cuz I feel like I’m the only one

  • Rayanaldo Brkljacic

    1.05 just went live for me!

    • nick

      Same here

      • Ambus

        Me 2

  • Dave

    ah this garbage game, at the exception of the original Assassin Creed overall Ubisoft is garbage developer, they put this garbage out to follow in Destiny footsteps (RPG/MMO FPS), too bad it’s even worst then Destiny

    • Mackenzie Williams

      Nice grammar dude… The division is way better than destiny. But i can tell the game is just to complex for you as you are terribly illiterate

      • bxwhiterabbit

        The Division Is “Trash” Get Over it !!!

        • Soldier Zero B

          Trash is what Ubisoft does best lol.

        • Oliver Queen

          No skill huh? We understand xD.

      • Soldier Zero B

        You’re not so smart yourself, using an ellipsis after “dude”, not capitalizing “The Division” or “Destiny” or your “i”, writing “too” as “to” and not putting a period at the end of your sentence.

    • Mackenzie Williams

      And I love how you don’t even credit Ubisoft for all the extremely popular and fun tom Clancy games of the past

    • Seth

      Maybe you’re just garbage.

    • Joe Nelson

      Dave get over ur self most gamers can get every trophy in a week or less got mine in 4days + an none of the dlc’s have come out yet so just shut up an wait for the release of them

    • Jason Webster

      Nothing is worse then destiny

  • Mike

    The Division 1.05 update could go live anytime on PS4, especially considering there’s maintenance planned for May 26th (today).

  • marhorn

    Patch 1.2 weighs 3.2GB on Steam, 3.91GB on Uplay, 5.9GB on PS4 and 4.6GB on Xbox One. That’s why you get no traffic anymore…..