The Beatles On iTunes: Disappointed?

We just announced that Apple has now made The Beatles available to download on iTunes, and although this is good news — it is not exactly going to be a day that I will never forget. I hate to be negative here, but I just think that Apple lost some of its credibility with a statement like that.

We had assumed that Apple would announce something huge, such as iTunes Cloud or even Apps for Apple TV, so you can see why I am left disappointed, and I am sure that I am not the only one?

Do not get me wrong, I love The Beatles, but I already have their CDs, and they are now stored in digital format on my external hard drive so I can create a new playlist on my iPhone as I please.

Did this news really deserve to take over the entire homepage of Apple? I can think of so many other things that Apple could have done with all that space. We all seem to be missing something here, what about iOS 4.2, what happened to that?

I am sorry, I am just going on a bit here, but you can see just how angry I am about this — I feel let down.

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Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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  • bikrom

    Absolutely pityful! they seem to be running out of ideas regarding innovation. Apart from the iPad and the iPhone 4 Apple is no longer able to surprise people 🙁 What a shame! a lot of fuss for really NOTHING! Disgraceful!

  • Coqui52

    I must agree that the announcement sucked! I am very disappointed because I have Apple at a very high standard and then they throw a scam like that! I know the Beatles where a Big hit back in the day, but I know a bunch of people who don't like them! Besides Guitar Hero released a Guitar Hero Beatles; so why did Apple think they were doing something big by adding songs to their billion music data base store?

  • Robert

    Come on! What’s with the outrage? All the entitlement. All the things you all want are coming. What happened to patience? Apple never announced a date for IOS 4.2. I never expected to get a cloud based store yet! There will be a Verizon statement within the next couple of months. Chill.

  • Greg

    Last time Apple did something historic, it was the iPhone. I thought it was going to be something of that magnitude. Then I saw the Beatles thing today and thought "what? That can't be it"! I kept clicking the different links to see if I was missing something but I wasn't.
    Personally, I love Apple products but I was disappointed by this, just like the end of "Contact".

  • Eddie

    monthly flat rate for unlimited streaming movies/tv show of itunes will be cool

  • Mike

    Apple is a leader in hyping announcements, but usually they actually deliver something that is interesting. It is precisely because of this that they continue to impress, however if we see too many over-hyped announcements which really amount to nothing their credibility will drop and people will stop paying attention. In terms of image and credibility this is on the level of antenna-gate. Yesterday Apple told us that our world (from their perspective) was about to change and they failed to deliver anything of substance.

  • Josh

    I guess you just don't get the sarcasm of "A Day You Will Never Forget." Allow me to explain… it shoudn't have been such a big deal/pain in the a$$ in the first place to get the Beatles into the itunes store… ie., what a joke?! Steve Jobs way of thumbing his nose and making a statement to the record companies for being such contemptible "ninnies" about it.

  • Eugene

    yep, it was disappointing! But maybe they did it to see what people would get most excited about and speculate so that they can fill the need.

  • Scott Hilton

    @Peter – you nailed it. What were they thinking?

  • Steve Jibs

    Can't they just give me wi-fi synching?? That's all I want………..its not so much to ask is it?

  • Diego

    I thougt it was going to be something worth the anticipation, but no they come up with this boring news. Who over the age of 60 knows how to use a computer or downloads music from the internet?

  • Simon

    Unbelievable… hopefully now people will start ot see apple for what they are.. marketing and hype.

  • ListenSteve

    Forget the beatles. Give me itunes in the cloud, ios 4.2, or something really cool!


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