Tesco kicks off suitcases sale

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 10, 2017

Tesco is offering a range of suitcases for sale at bargain prices to those in the UK, which just happens to be taking place in one of the busiest months for booking holidays. While most products have seasons, luggage might not be needed by most right now, following booking a holiday is when a lot of consumers hunt deals on suitcases, as such Tesco has offered a sale to cater to these people.

Where’s the Sale – You can see the discounted range of suitcases in the Tesco sale right here, in fact they do cater to almost everyone. If you’re looking for something modern, then you’ll certainly find in an 8-Wheeled Hard Shell Suitcase and those looking for a traditional option might opt for the American Tourister 4-Wheel Graphite Cabin Case.


Both of the above options have big discounts, up to 50% off in many cases, so take a look and see what you can find.

Marketing Push Needed for Retailers – This move to discount suitcases comes after Tesco has had a busy shopping season during Black Friday and Christmas, although the marketing push mustn’t stop there for the retailer, as they need to continue the sales drive month-on-month.

Next up for Tesco will be the Baby Event starting in a few days time, again another time for the UK retailer to encourage shoppers to spend at their store rather than the likes of Asda and Aldi that will also offer a baby sale in the coming days.

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