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Terraria 1.06 update on way: Preliminary patch notes revealed

We have some pretty exciting news now for those of you that play Re-Logic’s popular action-adventure / role-playing game Terraria (which has been noted for its similarity to Mojang’s Minecraft), as we’ve just discovered that the 1.06 update is on its way. What’s more is that the preliminary patch notes have also been revealed.

As Tom Senior over on the website recently noted, the latest patch — which will be the biggest Terraria update yet — not only promises to fix several bugs in the game, it will also increase the difficulty. For example, bosses such as The Eater of Worlds will be even more dangerous than before, and health potions will be less effective.

The game’s developer Blue said on the Terraria forums that when the 1.06 patch does arrive, most boss battles will be almost impossible to beat without fully gearing yourself up and planning the battle out beforehand. Blue also noted that things such as the game’s magic system and healing system have received almost complete overhauls.

Once the 1.06 patch has been downloaded, players should find that NPCs will no longer ‘flip out’ when they are far from home, dungeons won’t spawn in the ocean any more, and rejuvenation potions will now work with the Quick Mana and Quick Heal functions. They will also notice that Night Owl Potion will now gain its intended purpose.

Meanwhile, the new additions and changes to the Terraria game include a trashcan that enables players to retrieve the last item they’ve thrown away, four new inventory slots for ammo, a grapple hotkey and new sounds on events and enemies that are currently quiet. Players will also notice that picked up items will be placed in the bottom right hand corner of the inventory first.

All mana items will now be blue instead of purple, and the health gain text will be green. The update has also made it so that the 7 most recently connected servers will now show up in the multiplayer menu. Life will now regenerate automatically. The longer it has been since a player has been hit, the faster the life will regenerate.

New hairstyles and new dungeon content will also be added to the game with the latest patch. Other changes that players will notice include the fact that thorny bushes will now be destroyed after touching them, lava slimes won’t burst into a pool of lave when killed any more and cacti will no longer cause knock-back. You can read more about the changes via

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