Tension for iPhone 5 features

It seems that Apple can do no wrong and are set for success with whatever new iPhone 5 features arrive next week during the keynote, but a decline can start at anytime for Apple and if the next iPhone lacks where it shouldn’t then we could see rivals start to change Apple’s course with their smartphone.

When rivals receive a welcome from both smartphone users and technology reporters it is a good start, and the Nokia Lumia 920 has done just that today thanks to the full press treatment at a Nokia event. This is one of the first phones using the Windows Phone 8 operating system, and it is certainly a device that Nokia can be proud of with some innovative specs.

The design of the Lumia 920 is very colorful with a Unibody polycarbonate, which might not be for everyone, but it has certainly created a look that is recognized around the world. The Lumia 920 is said to feel really nice in your hands, and this is good news considering some polycarbonate phones, basically plastic, can feel slightly cheap but this high-end phone is far from cheap.

Apple’s iPhone 5 design might not change a lot but we do hear that the glass front and back on the iPhone 4S are going to be changed when the iPhone 5 releases next week, which should mean a metal finish that feels like glass and not like one of the older generations of iPhone.

This simplifying of the next iPhone would deliver a thinner form factor, which is said to be exactly 7.6mm and the new in-cell screen should also help with this thinning of the device. If you’re not sure what in-cell is then you might want to read a little more here.

Apple might feel increased tension when we finally find out the iPhone 5 features, especially if they don’t live up to what a growing number of Apple fans want with the next iPhone, and the change in screen ratio is a perfect example of this. If the 640×1136 4-inch screen really is real, then this is a display that is perfect for viewing movies and other entertainment but completely different to what iPhone users know and love.

It is one thing increasing the new iPhone screen size, but to do it in a way that makes the display longer but no wider could seem a little strange and end up being disliked. This is a bold move by Apple and one that will be closely watched by the media, and also early reviews will need to be positive.

Apple might seem an unstoppable force right now and the biggest technology company in the world, but what goes up must come down, so when that point will be could be this year or maybe even in 10 years time. Android users have had a lot to say about Apple over the years, most of it negative, and they’ll be looking for any reason to pull Apple of its pedestal.

Apple has a great track record for innovating in their own way and ruling markets — this is why the majority of Apple fans have a lot of confidence and remain extremely loyal to Apple, so the small changes to the iPhone 5 design and specs this year could be enough for the millions that own an iPhone.

Do you feel that Apple will start to buckle in the coming months/years with the increased popularity of Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, or are Apple fans the types of users that will never leave their beloved fruit? We’ve heard about a number of people leaving their iPhone behind for an Android device, but these are such a small percentage of iOS users and more seem to be moving towards Apple than away at this time.

Rivals will also feel pressure from Apple — with the new iPhone 5 and its features that are said to better the 4S model in multiple ways, we might see the likes of Motorola and Nokia finding it much harder to return to previous glory once the next iPhone releases. The events that took place today by Motorola and Nokia seemed like a rush to get their products announced before Apple had the chance to, although it is fair to say their phones impressed news reporters.

The bad news for Motorola and Nokia is that analysts don’t think they will be enough to stop Apple ruling the holiday shopping season, which is extremely vital to these technology companies and when a massive amount of the business is done.

Phone companies need to diversify – There are obviously a lot of positives about the new Windows Phones and a plus side is that phone companies want to diversify, and they don’t like the hold that Google and Apple have on them, which is thanks to Android and iOS dominating the smartphone market. When you consider that iOS and Android together own 85 percent of the smartphone market, you can understand the need for success with Windows Phone.

The iPhone 5 features we should expect – LTE is expected considering the iPad 3 launched this year with that very feature, slimmer at 7.6mm, a metal rear, in-cell technology with a new screen ratio and resolution of 640×1136, iOS 6 with well over 200 new features, around 1GB of RAM, an Apple A6 quad-core, storage up to 64GB, NFC a possibility, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi Direct, a bigger 1440mAh battery, and a new 9-pin power socket. While these specs are pretty solid it is worth noting that they are based on rumors and leaked parts, so take everything with a pinch of salt until the event on Wednesday next week.

Do you think Apple will deliver something innovate with the next iPhone, and if not do you feel Apple fans will just love the new iPhone anyway? The event lands in under 7 days now, so remember to keep connected with PR as we bring you the news live during the event.

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