Tech21 iPhone 7 Impact Clear Case, Anti-Glare Shield Screen Protector review

So you have your shiny new iPhone 7, and this is where you have some choices to make. You love the design, and also the new matte black colour, but do you show it off, hide it completely, or just allow a little bit of the new phone to show you its beauty? Well, all these questions come down to the fact whether you decide to have no case, one that fully protects it all around, or one that only covers the rear and sides, and also clear, or almost clear in colour?


Tech21 were kind enough to send us their Impact Clear Case for the iPhone 7, along with the Anti-Glare Impact Shield Screen Protector. It was only earlier this month that we offered our readers a hands-on review of the Impact Clear Case and Evo Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 6s, and so we’re interested to see how these new versions are.


There are so many clear cases similar to this that offers a great deal of protection, and so choosing one can be an ordeal. However, what we will say about the Impact Clear case from Tech21 is that it’s made up of a new 3-layer impact absorption system, and FlexShock, which is said to dissipate impact force, and so prevent it from getting to the device. The new design is different to that of the 6s version because it’s slimmer, although still able to withstand a drop up to 5 foot.


This is perfect for most of us, although if you are looking for more, then you could consider the Ballistic iPhone 7 Jewel Ice Series case, which protects up to 6 feet drops. Having said that, Tech21 also has the Evo Tactical Extreme, which can withstand drops up to 13-foot.


When taking the case out of its box, we have to say it was impressive packaging, although feel it is an overkill, seeing as though it will just end up in the recycle bin. The case itself is very light, and more frosted than clear, which is a shame because it does mask the sexy matte black colour. Having said that, this has to be one of the better cases we have reviewed because it does show off the colour a little, or more so teases it, and also the fact it offers good protection, while not being too bulky. We refer to that one we mentioned above, because while it does give you more protection, you do have to compromise because of how much the corners bulge out compared to the Tech21’s Impact Clear Case.


Unlike some iPhone 7 cases, this one will not fit the iPhone 6 or 6s, as the rear-camera cutout is located so that the camera on the latter will be covered over slightlyso please bear that in mind. What we really like about this case is the fact it’s not too bulky, and so does not feel uncomfortable in your pocket. We also like the fact that it offers a good amount of grip when holding, which means there is less chance of your phone slipping when using it in the rain – well you do not have to worry too much now seeing as though the iPhone 7 is water resistant. Having said that, there are other cases that offer even more grip, although they are also softer and more flexible, and so might not offer as much protection against impact.


After using the case for a few days we did not notice any unsightly fingerprints, or scuffs, and if you are planning on using the Impact Clear Case in the long-term, then you can rest assured that it will not go yellow thanks to Tech21’s anti-yellowing technology.

In terms of cost, the price for those case is £29.95, which can be bought direct from Tech21. Ok, so we know some of you will find this a bit expensive, but it’s a small price to pay for protecting your £700 investment.

Some people do prefer to get a chunkier case that encloses their phones, although not so much for fully protecting the case more, but more so for protecting the screen. However, there is a better way if you wish to keep the bulk down. You can still use the Impact Clear Case, but then add the Impact Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector.


This will come down to a personal choice, and there are tougher Tech21 screen protectors, although if you are only looking for slight protection against impacts and tend to use your phone outside, then the Anti-Glare one will be ideal for you.


We were also sent one of these to review, and what we did like right away was the easy applicator, as it does make life much simpler when putting the screen protector in the right position. Having said that, we still had a couple of issues getting it right, although only took the third try – although it does take steady hands. What we also noted was a couple of bubbles appear, although there is a small card tool that allows you to smooth out those bubbles, which did the trick.


On a personal note, I am not sure if I like the anti-glare version, because while it did the job of allowing you to see the screen in the sunlight, the screen itself has a kind of matte, milkiness to it. If I could describe it, I would say it gives it an LG Viewty sort of look to the display. This is not an issue for some of you, but if you like to enjoy the crisp, clear display for showing off photos and videos, then you might wish to go for the Evo Glass instead.

Do not dismiss this screen protector right away though, as it still has BulletSheild technology, which is used in bulletproof glass, and so able to absorb impacts to protect your screen. We have seen some tests on this and it really does work, although did not want to take the chance on ours.

Price wise, you will pay £19.95 for the Impact Shield from Tech21″>Tech21, and so £10 cheaper than the Evo Glass, which is a huge difference.


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