TeaMpOisoN let hackers LulzSec taste their own medicine

It seems there could be a little bit of a civil war on the verge of breaking out as the notorious and recent headline grabbing hacking group known as LulzSec, has been given a taste of their own medicine by another group of hackers known as TeaMpOisoN. The news comes as one of LulzSec’s websites was vandalized by seemingly one member of the group TeaMpOisoN.

LulzSec are the group of hackers, or ‘hacktivists’ as they are also sometimes referred to, who are responsible for the cyber-attacks on several well-known companies’ sites. These companies include Sony, whose PlayStation Network was forced to shut down after the security breach left millions of online accounts open to access. These accounts contained confidential details and in most cases bank account details.

This hack was to be the first in a string of publicized attacks including the hacking of Sega who’s Pass service security was breached, Sony Pictures where again personal information was left insecure, the CIA website was forced to shut down after a disruption from the hackers, the UK law enforcement agency SOCA’s site was also forced to shut down and yesterday the group were claiming they had attacked the Brazilian government‘s website. Just yesterday we brought you news of a suspected member of the group getting arrested in the UK.

It seems all their recent antics may have irritated certain groups of hackers and as a result have found themselves the victims for once. Their website that was left defaced had a message left on it which taunted that TeaMpOisoN were the group responsible. The message warned the group that personal details of the members of the group had been obtained, such as phone numbers, IPs, passwords, addresses and pictures.

They also ridiculed the group in the message, claiming the scripts and tools they used for their attacks were pre-made and therefore they were not worthy of calling themselves real hackers. Though TeaMpOisoN was the name left in the message, it seems the attack was from one member who comes across as angry which could make this a personal vendetta rather than the act of the group as a whole.

The TeaMpOisoN hacker admits to being just 17 in the message and warns LulzSec that they are going to be exposed in ‘TeaMpOisoN Issue 2.’ Check out the article at ABC where they have the full message available and see for you what was written.

Could this be the act of one person or has LulzSec’s recent actions drawn too much unwanted attention causing other hacker groups to take action?

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Written by Chris Cook

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