Target Spain T-Shirt: Shirt Features Fascist Flag

With the FIFA World Cup now underway, and Vuvuzela’s slowly taking over the world, it seems that the annoying bee horn is not the only thing that has received complaints, as Target have pulled a T-Shirt which features a fascist flag on it’s front.

The t-shirt in question, was being sold at Target until they realized that it was related to General Francisco Franco, a man controversially remembered for being behind the army’s victory in the Spanish Civil War, and with it, executing hundreds and thousands of political enemies.

‘One Great and One Free’ is the slogan, and his flag that he pioneered in Spain, 1978 and is now banned in the country due to the slaying of many innocent people and abuse of basic human rights.

Target, the chain who have since pulled the product from stores say that “the shirt is not a Target brand, but is exclusive to the store.” Target have also stated that they will be accepting the shirts back and a full refund will be given.

However, you can almost bet your life that they will appear on eBay as a collectors item soon.

Source: Newsoxy

Written by Jamie Pert

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