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T-Mobile HTC HD7: Pre-Order and SIM-free Price

On November 8th T-Mobile USA will begin offering the HTC HD7, this Windows Phone 7 smartphone is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Wirefly.

Amazon are offering the HTC HD7 for $169, whereas Wirefly are taking pre-orders for $149, both prices require you to agree a 2-year agreement, however if you prefer you can always buy the HD7 SIM-free. Amazon offer the HD7 SIM-free for $549.99, and Wirefly offer it SIM-free for $529.99.

You can see all of our previous HTC HD7-related posts here, I recommend checking out the HTC HD7 review and the full specification breakdown.

If you would like to pre-order your HTC HD7 check out Amazon or Wirefly.

Have your pre-ordered your HTC HD7?

Source: IntoMobile

Written by Jamie Pert

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  • OS7 lover

    Would u like to resell to me with 50% discount 😛

  • Andrew

    I just bought my HTC HD7 from Singtel Singapore yesterday. Some things missing are just UNFORGIVEABLE !!!! I mean, how can designers be making such mistakes by not including certain "must haves" if they want to taken seriously as smartphone?
    I can never understand why a new phone would include some new features, and yet take away, or not include in some BASIC must have features !!! I mean it's like giving us 6 new features, but then take away 3 other useful existing features !!! Ridiculous !

    1) while charging the phone, the phone CANNOT be turned off ! I turned it off, and it boots up again !!! What an idiot flaw ! This should NEVER happen !!!!

    2) office excel does not allow cut copy or paste ! Nor does it have function to format the width or height of the cell to my desired size! And this excel is supposed to be "Windows" !!!!!???? the same excel windows that came with our desktop PC !!!??? Give me a break !!!!  

    3) in Internet explorer, on landscape mode, the search address bar disappears. Even the shortcut 'favorites' icon disappears ! Therefore, to type in a web page, or to access your favorites which u had already stored the link at, you will need to tilt the phone back to portrait mode, only then will the address bar and the 'favourites' icon appear back on !!! This is unforgiveable !!!!!!!!!!!! What an idiot designer, and what an idiot manager or VP of HTC can even approve this without checking !!!!!

    4) on the left bottom of the phone, there is the left arrow key which allows going back. BUT, there is no forward key to go forward !!! For example, after browsing 6  pages in internet explorer, I then use the left arrow key to go back to the say, 3rd page, but after that, if I decide to go forward to the 4th 5th or 6th page, I cannot bcoz there's is no forward icon !!!!! So, either i type all over again the web address, or i have to open history (which require a number of steps). Is this stupid or what !!! You would expect designers, paid b the tens of thousands of dollars per month, to be smarter than this. These guys come with engineering degrees and what have you. And I am only an O level technician. What a waste of company resources hiring such idiots !

    So far, in just  2 hours of use, the above is what I have discovered. I am totally shattered ! I forked out SGD999 without contract and I feel seriously cheated. If not for the tremendous amount of drop calls on my iPhone 3GS, I wouldnt have looked around for an alternative. HTC seriously needs to look at how iPhone functions if they want to be taken seriously. Just terrible this piece of garbage. 

    …. Disappointed !   


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