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T-Mobile HTC HD2: Firmware Update Released 2.13.531.1

T-Mobile USA customers with the HTC HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 handset may have received a new over-the-air update earlier today, this update brings your handset’s ROM to version 2.13.531.1.

Currently details regarding this update are scarce, we do know that the ROM includes two new applications, these are “My Account” and “T-Mobile Help”, both are pretty self explanatory. “My Account” allows you to check on how many texts and talk-time minutes etc you have left, “T-Mobile Help” shows users tips and tricks as well as offering access to the T-Mobile forums.

If your handset has not yet received the update you can download it manually here, you should then be able to update your ROM with the PDA Phone ROM Update Utility, as always we recommend backing up your date beforehand just incase something goes wrong.

If you have installed the update feel free to let us know what changes you have noticed in the comments section below, for more details check out the source link.

Source: Softpedia

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Does this update delete all previous text messages?


i was thinking of upgrading only so that my car stereo can recagnize my bluetooth. what to do


To everyone as frustrated and angry has i’am by the way htc is neglecting the owners of the htc hd2 go ahead and post your petition on the following blog ( lets make ourselfs be heard since we have the hardware and htc sense only makes sense while disguising the flaws of the native windows mobile explorer menus and windows designed for resistive screens. let us show them we paid to get some supporta nd that means the proper hardware support wich they chose not to gives for some reason and the apps our devices have never seen due to… Read more »

K Valen
K Valen

I update my firmware to the latest version 2.13.531.1, to fix unlocking issues in the lock screen. But after updating several times and trying almost every thing I have ready about, like disabling sensing and cleaning the RAM removing locations from weather app and permanently deleting all text messages and emails, Nothing has worked. I have 2 HTC HD2 but only 1 freezes. They both have the same firmware version 2.13.531.1. The only work around I have found is to deactivate automatic shut down in the settings menu to keep the phone from locking automatically sense it only freeze at… Read more »

Javier C
Javier C

I was happy when I saw that T-Mobile was offering this update, because I was having problems when trying to connect to t-mobiles internet. Well It worked it fixed it, but it broke just about everything else, now my phone freezes often. But hey I can connect to T-Mobile's 3g net work got to love the 12mbs downloads 🙂


After download, screen is less responsive…. DONT LIKE….. but…. has yet to freeze since update more than a week ago……NOW THAT I DO LIKE!


The new ROM update also fixed the issue of FourSqaure failing to post locations. 🙂


I downloaded it today from the T-mobile website, and I noticed that the touch screen is less sensitive, I'm not sure that's a good thing. I didn't like it

MR Computer Services
MR Computer Services

TMobile pulled this update, as did HTC. The ROM was not a complete tested build, and did not include the necessary changes for the problems caused by texting. The new update will be posted as soon as they verify all the changes

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