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Surface Pro 4 screen size increase considered

The rumors of a larger iPad, the Pro model never amounted to anything, although that is not to say we will not see one next year. It was only a matter of time before we started to hear the same rumors for a larger Surface Pro. The idea of an increase in screen size for the Surface Pro 4 is a rather interesting one, and seems more likely than it did a year or two ago.

The Surface device never got off to a great start for Microsoft, but healthy sales of the Pro 3 model has led to rumors that a larger model is being considered by Microsoft. Digitimes reports they have learned from various sources that Microsoft is or about to start work on a 13-inch or 14-inch Surface Pro model, which we assume will be for the fourth generation model.

Surface Pro 4 screen size

Before you get too excited, just remember that Digitimes has a checkered past when it comes to reporting such rumors, and so we ask you take this with a grain of salt. However, with an increase in sales of 127 percent with the Surface Pro 3 over the 2, it stands to reason why Microsoft may wish to explore the limits of this range.

As for the Surface Pro 4 design, it is said to be very similar to that of the current model, and so we could just see an enlarged version of the Pro 3, a bit like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in that respect, even if they are smartphones, you get what we mean.

Written by Peter Chubb

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Michael Smith

Improvements to the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Hello Microsoft, Capital used only to highlight important ideas. Could you TRANSMIT THESE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE SURFACE PRO 3 TEAM. THANKS. And once again, DO A FEEDBACK SITE LIKE THE ONE FOR THE WINDOWS PHONE FOR EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT CREATED BY MICROSOFT, SOFTWARE AS WELL AS HARDWARE. EXAMPLES? SURFACE PRO, MS WINDOWS, MS EXCEL, MS WORD, MS ACCESS, ETC. YOU GET THE IDEA. What is currently available to send feedback is not good at all because it is not as easy and quick to send feedback as it is for the feedback site… Read more »

Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson

Have a 12″ version – perfect for most, going by the reception. Then, have an ENORMOUS version for the people who want bigger – like Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 and its Galaxy Note 4. I would personally go as large as they come. If it went to 17″ or more, I would still buy it – if it maintained battery life and didn’t become any thicker. Those portable AIOs are terrible in general. But I can handle a Surface Pro 1 at 100% scaling. I don’t believe how many people’s eyes cannot resolve the pixels in this – the PPI… Read more »


I would buy a 14″ in a heartbeat for digital sketching/painting. Say goodnight to wacom!

Me Sham
Me Sham

The SP3 is simply the best personal computing device ever made. The iPad is nothing but a content-consumption device for people more concerned with style and optics than with functionality.

Johnny Charles Grinter
Johnny Charles Grinter

If the Surface Pro was 15 inch I would buy it immediately.

Paul C.
Paul C.

One problem with enlarging the display is that the tablet would creep closer to the dimensions of a laptop. If the tablet gets too close in size and capability to a laptop, then prospective buyers might go straight for a laptop.

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