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Sunset Overdrive for GTA V fans on Xbox One

We might not have Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One just yet, but fans of this franchise might like the look of Sunset Overdrive set to release at some point in 2014. The Xbox One exclusive game will allow gamers to enjoy a totally open world with no rules, “just riots”, as Insomniac Games tagged the game.

This is one of the great things we love about GTA V and after playing most titles in this franchise with 1,000’s of hours spent playing, it is clear that some mindless fun is always time well spent within the GTA open world. While we’re not saying that Sunset Overdrive will be anywhere near as good as GTA V, it will be one option for those of you that miss GTA and sold your last-gen console. Add to that the fact there’s no rules, then it could just turn out to be something really good.


If you are an Xbox One owner without a 360 and love GTA V, will you give Sunset Overdrive a try to see if it can entertain you until Rockstar bring their open work offering into a new generation of consoles?

We have included the Sunset Overdrive trailer below this article, so take a look to see a little more insight for the game. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to run around killing mutants in a city set in the near future with abilities like wall running, acrobatics, and using zip-lines as seen in the trailer. You can also see a new teaser site that just launched for Sunset Overdrive right here, or the official page on

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hi b

Rockstar Rep
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Gta v will not be released on xbox one or ps4. Rockstar already said that in September 2013.


That looks cool


It is no GTA, but I cannot wait forever to see GTA 5 release on Xbox One and will certainly give Sunset Overdrive a go when it releases.

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